Sydney. Sleep. Selling. And one helluva Slumber Party.

Well – this has become a bit awkward…

So at first I thought China was by far my favourite destination and that it had a very special spot in my heart that cannot be replaced. Then I started flying to Africa and fell head over heels for that fantastic place and its people. And now … Now I have discovered Oz at last. And I suddenly find myself in the middle of this strange love triangle (or shall I rather say a love square?). And there is seemingly no way I could ever decide which one I like the best! People say that when you get to know The One you just know it – otherwise it’s not The One. Well I beg to differ. I do believe that sometimes people can be in love with several The Ones at the same time (we are still talking about places I fly to, right?!).

My trip to Sydney was bound to be a great one since the moment I learned about it. Not only was I super excited about flying the A380 again but I was also assigned a position I have been dying for – the Duty free operator. On my last couple of flights I have been observing my colleagues and picking their brains for some good selling techniques. See – if yo do manage to sell quite a bit of merchandise you can score a decent commission on the top of your normal salary – and that for me as an aspiring millionaire is an opportunity that’s too perfect to decline 🙂 No that’s obviously just a joke. I do enjoy the extra money one can make doing this but most of all I love bragging on about watches and perfumes to everybody. Crew don’t usually like taking the Duty free on because it requires quite a bit of paper work and extra effort on the top of our usual duties so I ended up keeping the position all to myself for both the outbound and the return sector. And even tho I was completely useless to start with and it took me ages to find my way around the little helpful machine I managed to double the amount of money I’d have earned for that trip. Beginner’s luck I guess. Nonetheless I’m gonna give it another go next time I fly to Australia because I have had a blast !

Another thing I tried for the first time (last week was full first times for sure!) was the CRC- which is a little cabin on board dedicated to the crew to get their legal rest. You didn’t really think we are super humans that can work a 14-hour flight without a break now, did you? I’m usually a very light sleeper and get woken up by the slightest noise and therefore assumed I was gonna spend my rest break watching films and listening to some music. But it seems that a tiny bunk 36 thousand feet high up and rocking with the turbulence of the Indian Ocean is just the place to get the best sleep of my life. Honestly – I don’t think I have ever slept better and deeper. I woke up all fresh and shiny and ready for pretty much anything.

14-hour on board may seem like a long time – however with a plane full of dehydrated and bored passengers it goes by in a flash. We were landing in Australia before I even managed to look outside of the window to check out the view.

I’m so in love with this country -honestly ! Such a great, chilled out and welcoming place! At times I had to remind myself I’m indeed at work and this is just a layover and not a holiday… that’s how much at ease it made me feel. I decided to spend my layover with some of the crew I felt the closest to throughout the flight (trust me – such a long flight either makes it or breaks it) . To my dismay they wanted to explore the Sydney Taronga Zoo. See – you may not know this about me… but I don’t DO Zoos. When I was a kid every single of my zoo visits would end in tears. Until I made the decision never to go again and spare myself the heartache. However my newly made friends were so excited about seeing koala bears and kangaroos I got a wee bit curious myself. And it turned out to be a great day with no tears at all. Zoos must have changed a lot since I’ve last been. There was nothing or at least a very little sad about it.IMG_3601 IMG_3594 IMG_3589 IMG_3626 IMG_3625 IMG_3596IMG_3624

On the way to Taronga and back took a ferry across the Sydney harbour snapping about a million pictures of the Sydney Opera house and its surrounding and laughing our heads off at the hilarious tour guide comments (if you ever decide to do the same take the Cook Cruiser-honestly you’ll die -she is hysterical!). We disembarked at The Quays in the early hours of a Saturday night and the atmosphere there was just fantastic! Street musician on every corner, artists selling their paintings and pictures, dancers … I was swept away by the carefree feeling in the air! I simply cannot wait to go back again and again and again and… well you get the idea!

Winter? What winter?!

Winter? What winter?!


IMG_3498The flight back was pretty uneventful apart from – hang on!- a little impromptu Slumber party I threw in our galley for some of the passengers. The cabin wasn’t even half full and vast majority of the customers consisted of students of some British sports school coming back from their Australasian trip. I don’t know how much you know about teenage guys that play sports rather than video games- but the most important thing is that they are hungry. Like all the time. We have served them dinner and supper before I went on my break and hoped they would also go to sleep just like the rest of the people. But when I came back from yet another amazing sleepy time and took over the charge of the galley I have noticed the cabin was getting noisy. I went to check it out and encountered about 10 hunky guys with puppy eyes.

“Miss- we are all so hungry. Any chance of getting something to eat?” said one of them.

I figured bringing food out to their seat would only wake up everybody else around them so I asked them to give me five minutes and follow me to the galley. I quickly scanned the leftovers from the previous service and set up a massive feast of croissants, jams, fruit, chocolates, sandwiches and pies. All was gone within minutes and they all still looked famished. So I took my chances and called business class for some more food. The guys were literally kissing my hands, they swore never to fly a different airline and tried to persuade my to continue on their onward journey to London. Talking about happy customers:) That’s why I love my job – even such little things can totally make somebody’s day!