Dear 2012,

Now that we are about to enter the time of your sweet and well-deserved retirement I would like to express my gratitude and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have surely been one hell of a year. Full of ups and downs you will be the one I will most certainly never forget about.

I have to say I wasn’t too impressed to welcome you as a newborn baby in January. Following the amazing 2011 –the year of Gabri’s travels- I thought you were bound to be a bit of a disappointment. And as you slowly unfolded you seemed to only want to confirm that assumption as you saw me working my a** off and getting really sick (of it). Still we both know that no January can be too bad since it’s my birthday month. Spending two weeks in my lovely snowy country with Huggie and circled by friends& family- skiing, eating, chilling and celebrating our numerous birthdays and name days was simply perfect! Oh – and let’s not forget about my poor snowboarding attempts which shall never be repeated.



The February blues hit us pretty hard didn’t they? Not even that little break in the Lakes did much help. On the contrary –it made the whole month of working late weekends so much harder!

March, however, was the month of remedy. More skiing, more family time and the beautiful Austrian Alps. Life was good once again.

April was devoted to preparations for an epic Hen do party, then partying and then attending a wonderful wedding.

In May Geoffrey came into our lives. Good old Geoffrey. Geoffrey- the only serious competition I have in the contest for number one place in Huggie’s heart. It’s shameful to admit it but I think I may have lost in May. Even more so considering Geoffrey is a car. “He” even went on holiday with us. Rambling road trip to Cornwall, where I decided that camping on the beach might be a great idea -everywhere else but in cold Blighty.

Geoffrey The Golf

Geoffrey The Golf

Now –let’s be honest. June/ July period was your all time low. Or shall I say mine? Let’s just leave those two months where they belong- in the past, buried under great memories of my mum’s visit in August. My mum! No words will ever be enough to describe her. Let the picture talk instead:

Here comes the trouble

Here comes the trouble

August was also the official start to my Cabin Crew dream. September/ October – that’s just a blur in my memory filled with all things flying. November– auch- was the month of injections. And gymming. And shopping. November was gooooooooodl!!

And here we are now – me ready to jump head first into 2013 and you nearing the end or your service. You did me good 2012, you taught me that if life gives you lemons you make a lemonade and drink it chilled with friends. Shaken, not stirred.

I just hope you are not going to come to a premature end this Friday. Let’s suck it up till the very end. Till the 31st !





Final Approval and Finally Home

So my big fat final approval came thru this morning. I wish I could feel a bit more excited about it but I’m currently experiencing the best train journey of my entire life and I want to savour this moment before I let anything else enter my conscious mind. Yes I said train journey.

And before you judge me – actually judge me all you want this is still frigging unbelievable – let me explain. I’m a serial traveller. For goodness’ sake travelling is gonna be part of my everyday reality in a couple of weeks’ time (sudden realisation)!I have tried pretty much every possible way of transport. From a miniature tuck tuck in Bangkok and some pretty stinky coaches in Italy all the way to business class on the A380 (I got really awfully lucky and got upgraded on duty travel from Dubai 2 years ago). And back then I thought – nothing can possibly ever top that ! Well- never say (n)ever because this little Czech train is giving the A380 run for its money. And yes I am being a little dramatic here. Bite me. I only slept for like two hours last night.

Leather seats with sooooo much leg room

But when was the last time you sat on a train with free wifi, massive leather seats, power plugs and free refreshment throughout the whole 2.5 hour trip? And I am not talking luke warm instant coffee. I am talking fresh mint tea with MINT LEAVES and croissants! Oh and did I mention the whole thing has costed me less than 10 quid? So this is what happened to the Czech Republic while I was gone. It got absolutely awesome. It’s good to be back Czech !