Ready for take off

Every time I pictured today aka the day before take off  in my head I saw panic, tears and mayhem. So far so good as none of that has occurred. I’m completely calm and composed. My bags are packed and locked, documents copied, printed and stored, addresses changed – it’s safe to say and  I’m ready for take off.

With a little more than 24 hours before my flight I’m just going over all of my checklists making sure I have not forgotten anything essential. I have to say the Packing List from my dear virtual friend Bakess has helped a lot. I’m also glad to have joined the Facebook group of January starters. Nobody will ever understand your bragging about accommodation, flights, fears and joys better than the people going thru the same! I can’t wait to meet some of them in person in just -oh my gosh- less than 2 days !

See you in the desert peeps x

See you in the desert peeps x


I’m just getting ready for my last English jog- and looking outside it is once again going to be a wet one. Being my obsessive self of course I have already researched running groups and routes in the sandpit. I found this : Walking, running and cycling routes in Dubai. One of them seems to be very close to where I’m about to live so I can’t wait to try it out and tell you all about it. I was also glad to find out people do cycle in the UAE. I’m leaving my bike in Huggie’s shed but I guess I can always get or rent one if I manage to use it under the blazing sun.

I have also come across Dubai Desert Boot Camp , Military Boot camp and Fitness02 and I got super excited about it! I have tried boot camps in Prague and here in England and absolutely loved it. If I ever get the time I will definitely try out one of them too !

Since this post is going quite the random direction I’m just gonna go with it… I don’t just work out- I actually spend most of my time sitting around drinking nice coffee or browsing the web. Or doing both at the same time. Here are a few places I could surely be found at in the upcoming months : Dubai Internet Cafes. Or maybe at one these: Infinity pools Dubai ?

Anyway… the next post will be probably from Dubai as I have plenty of goodbyes in store before I go and there will hardly be any time left for blogging.


Lots of love




Dear 2012,

Now that we are about to enter the time of your sweet and well-deserved retirement I would like to express my gratitude and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have surely been one hell of a year. Full of ups and downs you will be the one I will most certainly never forget about.

I have to say I wasn’t too impressed to welcome you as a newborn baby in January. Following the amazing 2011 –the year of Gabri’s travels- I thought you were bound to be a bit of a disappointment. And as you slowly unfolded you seemed to only want to confirm that assumption as you saw me working my a** off and getting really sick (of it). Still we both know that no January can be too bad since it’s my birthday month. Spending two weeks in my lovely snowy country with Huggie and circled by friends& family- skiing, eating, chilling and celebrating our numerous birthdays and name days was simply perfect! Oh – and let’s not forget about my poor snowboarding attempts which shall never be repeated.



The February blues hit us pretty hard didn’t they? Not even that little break in the Lakes did much help. On the contrary –it made the whole month of working late weekends so much harder!

March, however, was the month of remedy. More skiing, more family time and the beautiful Austrian Alps. Life was good once again.

April was devoted to preparations for an epic Hen do party, then partying and then attending a wonderful wedding.

In May Geoffrey came into our lives. Good old Geoffrey. Geoffrey- the only serious competition I have in the contest for number one place in Huggie’s heart. It’s shameful to admit it but I think I may have lost in May. Even more so considering Geoffrey is a car. “He” even went on holiday with us. Rambling road trip to Cornwall, where I decided that camping on the beach might be a great idea -everywhere else but in cold Blighty.

Geoffrey The Golf

Geoffrey The Golf

Now –let’s be honest. June/ July period was your all time low. Or shall I say mine? Let’s just leave those two months where they belong- in the past, buried under great memories of my mum’s visit in August. My mum! No words will ever be enough to describe her. Let the picture talk instead:

Here comes the trouble

Here comes the trouble

August was also the official start to my Cabin Crew dream. September/ October – that’s just a blur in my memory filled with all things flying. November– auch- was the month of injections. And gymming. And shopping. November was gooooooooodl!!

And here we are now – me ready to jump head first into 2013 and you nearing the end or your service. You did me good 2012, you taught me that if life gives you lemons you make a lemonade and drink it chilled with friends. Shaken, not stirred.

I just hope you are not going to come to a premature end this Friday. Let’s suck it up till the very end. Till the 31st !





30 hours

Here is a not-so-brief description of some 30 hours of sheer bliss:

It all starts when you finish work one evening and leaving the office you notice that the air already carries that unmistakable winter crispiness so you walk home all excited about Christmas quietly humming “Jingle Bells”. Your special someone is already waiting for you at home with a cup of warm sweet milky goodness and a biscuit and you suddenly get the feeling that he indeed is a keeper! When leaving the house for dinner& cinema night he gets the all important call with a job offer he has been waiting for so anxiously and it gives you two yet another reason to stuff your faces with even more sushi. He has to of course call everyone and tell them first so you get the precious 20 minutes head start and manage to devour the best pieces from the conveyor belt before he even gets to his seat. Hmmmm yummy yummy in my greedy tummy. When he sits down at last you are so full that everything around you has slowed down and all you can do is just sit back, undo the buttons on your jeans and listen to him chatting away happily.

After what seems like hours of eating you manage to roll off the chair and make your way to the bar to have one celebratory drink before the film. You opt for the Merry Mojito which is your all time favourite with a Christmas twist of cranberries, cinnamon and orange juice. Very festive but so sweet you probably turned diabetic after the first sip. The film is exactly what is expected from a guilty pleasure. Cringeworthy at times but on the whole rather enjoyable. You basically spend first half waiting for Jake to take his shirt off and when he finally does the film is over. 

 When you get back home it’s already past midnight and you really want to tell your special someone how your mum saw you off at the airport Gangnam style but since your day started way before 7am you are fast asleep before your head hits the pi..llo……wssshhhhhhhhh…….shhhhhhhhh……hhhhhhhhhhhhh.

 You wake up not because the alarm goes off screaming: WakeUpWakeUpWakeUpWakeUpWakeUpWakeup, but because the rays of sun shining through the blinds have made their way across the blanket to your face and started caressing your cheeks. Sunny mornings are so rare in England it immediately sets your day off to a great start. You turn around and see this next to you:


Huggie sleeping

Huggie sleeping

Only in human form. You contemplate letting him sleep for a bit longer but the cheeky side of you wins over and you start whispering loudly: “huggie, Huggie, HUGGIE, H-U-G-G-I-E” and when you see him stirring, pretend you are asleep again. Then open your eyes slowly, smile and say: Good morning! That never fails to make any morning perfect!

 After a couple of hours spent in bed watching TV, trying to blog but reading funny stuff on the internet instead and drinking about 5 cups of tea you finally get up and decide today is the ideal day to begin with the Christmas shopping although you said you won’t do any this year and people will only get best wishes and words of wisdom from you.

Armed with a tasty latte in one hand and payday-charged bank card in the other you hit the stores. As usual you hit the upmarket ones first and as every year you make a promise to yourself that one day soon you will be so rich that you will shop here absolutely guilt free. One day soon. After making a list of things that are cool to buy this season you start looking in the cheaper shops to find them at a bargain price. Huggie’s and mine favourite sport.

That’s when the day gets a bit blurry. All you know is that couple of hours later you find yourself stood there with bags full of stuff no one essentially needs scared of what the hell has just happened thinking: “What the hell has just happened?

 That’s when you realize you haven’t eaten for-what-seems-like-ever and a couple of minutes later you are both gorging on a chippy. Massive battered haddock fillet with chunky greasy chips, mushy peas and gravy (DO NOT forget the gravy)- ->English for happy.

 Hands and belly full it’s about time to head back home. The high street is fuller than normal and it seems to be because the Christmas lights are being lit tonight. You decide to hang about for a bit but after watching a choir trying to be all “gospel” (gospel only works well if the choir is coloured if you ask me – and I can say “coloured” because it’s politically correct in the UK I checked) you decide there is no need to see Santa after all.

Back at home your gym bag looks at you and says:” Remember me? We used to be best of friends! We used to hang out! And now look at us pretending that we barely know each other! It’s pathetic!” Just to shut it up really you grab it and head to the gym. You are all like “ 40 lengths and we are DONE” but then you get into the pool and it feels nice after 10 days of doing nothing so you are like “Well- maybe I will do 50 today. Just like that. Just because I can” and then it’s length number 20 and the 10 days off are starting to show and you are more like “I think 30 will do tonight” and the Better You in the back of your head start shouting “ YOU WEAKLING ! YOU FATTY! YOU HAD FISH AND CHIPS FOR TEA! GIMME 15 AND SUCK IT UP!”

So after 32 lengths you get out and sneak out to the changing rooms hoping none will notice your poor effort… Especially the Better You.

 In the comfort of your bed you once again try to blog but get distracted by challenging you brother to a six pack. For more on that click here. And then you try to remember what was is you wanted to tell your special someone so badly last night but you simply cannnnnnnnnnnnnn…………t….. sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh……….hhhhhhhhhh.

Do-buy Du-bai

So with the interview process done and the medicals well underway there seems to be very little to fuss about. The next couple of weeks promise an easy ride after the emotional rollercoaster of the past few months. And the easy rides are not the ones I adjust to very well. Some people are born problem solvers – I am a born problem seeker. If there is seemingly nothing to obsess about I go out of my way to find. Like now for example.

 My latest issue is about clothes. Living in a country that doesn’t DO summers (as in hot and sunny summers) I have gradually got rid of all skirts, dresses and flip flops. They have been replaced by cardigans, jeans and wellies. I have a very limited section in my wardrobe dedicated to “holiday wear” consisting mainly of aged bikinis, a worn out pair of denim shorts and a couple of vests. I just never felt the need to overhaul and update. I wish I have done. Because at the moment it’s looking a lot like this :



My complete lack of anything half decent to wear in temperatures over 20 C has become apparent last week when I started sorting out my clothes.

 I decided on following scheme :

Charity (stuff I had my fun with and now can let grannies to have their go)

Loft (stuff that I never wore but was too expensive to let go of just yet)

Trash (obviously my favourite pieces because they are wrecked)

Dubai (well – simply anything that’s not gonna make me melt in the heat of the sandpit) 


It’s been pretty drastic process and I think if I was enlisted in a Stock Market my investors would go nuts over the downsizing and some of them would be able to retire immediately. “Charity” and “Trash” have done pretty well for themselves. “Loft” pile would have done much better if the actual loft was mine and I wasn’t limited by my loving special someone and his cautious “box or two max”.

After I was done it was clear that “Dubai” was the loser here. A pathetic pile of already mentioned shorts and my ancient Havies. Normally that would be the best excuse to go shopping and stock up. Not so much in November. Not in Europe anyway.

 With Halloween gone the high street retailers could finally let go of any reservations they might have had before and unleashed the Christmas monster. The six headed beast spitting “Last Christmas” at everyone who dares to enter the shops. Mulled wine and mince pies on offer. Local pubs taking Crimbo bookings. Reduced skiing jackets and ear muffs. Try to find one single summer dress and a pair of sandals in this mayhem and you are my hero. Even my favourite online shops have let me down.


I was starting a severe panic attack when I realized – it’s Dubai I am going to. Do-buy. And so I will my dears. I have officially stopped spending money Christmas shopping before I even properly begun. As of now – all my monies are being saved for my new summer wardrobe – to be bought in Dubai:)

See you soon Dubai Do-buy Mall