Sistas In Paris

sistas in Paris

sistas in Paris

You can’t always get what you want. But sometimes -when you’ve been real real REAL good- you get so much more than what you could have ever asked for. Like myself this Christmas just passed for example.

My Airline has decided to sent to Paris. Paris of all places – one of the few European capitols I haven’t been to. Paris- so wonderfully romantic and oh-so-french. I was just chilling (and possibly drinking) at my sister’s place in Prague when I found out and the conversation went something like this : (oh please do excuse my “french” hahaha- see what I did there?)

Me: “Holy cow! They gave me Paris for Christmas. SOooo excited – I have never been!”

Nela(my sis): ” Sooo jealous! I have never been either…”

Me:” OMG! You should totally come!”

Nela:“Like seriously?”

It took us about three seconds to put the plan together and then it was real and happening. Nela was coming to Paris to meet me for Christmas. How very puurrrfect!

Our flights landed almost at the same time and I was just about to check in when she entered the hotel lobby. We did our usual greeting dance (as much of it as my image standards allowed me to do anyways) and proceeded to the room where we cracked open a bottle of the french finest (or as we choose to believe) and let the festivities begun.947286_10202165020278915_1692349299_n

Next morning was an early start – we had a lot to do and a very little time. We got to the Champs Elysees at the crack of a dawn and managed to walk swiftly over to the Eiffel Tower to watch the sunrise. After the compulsory photo shoot we found ourselves a cosy cafe and had a very french breakfast- or that’s at least what a croissant and a glass of white wine is in my eyes… 532140_10202008158737851_882802164_n1525126_10202165024759027_718432646_n

…and then we walked. For miles and hours. We saw a lot but we definitely haven’t seen enough.There is so much more we have to come back for. Like Montmartre we haven’t managed to get to, Or Notre Dame we only glimpsed at. Or Louvre we saw from the outside but had no time to explore inside. Or the French kiss we never got… Too early  it was time to get back and catch both of our flights back to Prague and Dubai before we even knew it. We left the rainy city with its Christmas markets and onions soups and Louvre and Seine and all the street sellers behind and went back to the hotel.1532061_10202008166258039_1447705318_n 1476043_10202008168698100_351115196_n IMG_6942947274_10202008167218063_1105599895_n

we love monuments

we love monuments

Just in time for Nela to finish the wine from the previous night which I watched with endless envy, bid me a teary good-bye, wish Merry Xmas and go. I don my uniform and red lipstick and got ready for a very full, very long and very bumpy flight.

I landed back home in Dubai feeling torn between very lonely and very happy. I was very happy because I got to give my sister the best present I could have ever come up with. And I was very lonely because those 24-hours were a poor taster of the family I wanted to be with so badly. But alas- I guess it’s better to have a family to miss than none at all. And I’m blessed with a very big one! And I have hopefully also started a tradition of spending my European layovers with my siblings and parents or whoever is willing to make the journey to meet me… Life is a bliss after all !