The Fame Game

Well the birthday posts just keep on rolling don’t they? Lately I have been crazy busy flying left and right and up and down on the map of the world so I very irresponsibly missed The Big Date. The date that my little baby blog turned 1 year old. I know right? Times flies … just like me I guess.

And the best b-day gift my blog could have ever wished for came from this awesome website that’s all about the cabin crew lifestyle and stuff. Imagine my excitement when I received an email couple of weeks back asking me to do a feature interview with them! Holly sh*t I thought – I’m getting famous !! Well – you all know what I mean… right?

I’d like to express my endless gratitude for this amazing opportunity to share some of my “wisdom” with a wider audience. I hope some of my answers helped somebody out there hoping to become one of us crazy people that know the super secret code behind words like “crosscheck” and “backup” and such:)

If you wanna read the full interview go here.

Thanks again guys for your continuing support, I love y’all !


Dear 2012,

Now that we are about to enter the time of your sweet and well-deserved retirement I would like to express my gratitude and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have surely been one hell of a year. Full of ups and downs you will be the one I will most certainly never forget about.

I have to say I wasn’t too impressed to welcome you as a newborn baby in January. Following the amazing 2011 –the year of Gabri’s travels- I thought you were bound to be a bit of a disappointment. And as you slowly unfolded you seemed to only want to confirm that assumption as you saw me working my a** off and getting really sick (of it). Still we both know that no January can be too bad since it’s my birthday month. Spending two weeks in my lovely snowy country with Huggie and circled by friends& family- skiing, eating, chilling and celebrating our numerous birthdays and name days was simply perfect! Oh – and let’s not forget about my poor snowboarding attempts which shall never be repeated.



The February blues hit us pretty hard didn’t they? Not even that little break in the Lakes did much help. On the contrary –it made the whole month of working late weekends so much harder!

March, however, was the month of remedy. More skiing, more family time and the beautiful Austrian Alps. Life was good once again.

April was devoted to preparations for an epic Hen do party, then partying and then attending a wonderful wedding.

In May Geoffrey came into our lives. Good old Geoffrey. Geoffrey- the only serious competition I have in the contest for number one place in Huggie’s heart. It’s shameful to admit it but I think I may have lost in May. Even more so considering Geoffrey is a car. “He” even went on holiday with us. Rambling road trip to Cornwall, where I decided that camping on the beach might be a great idea -everywhere else but in cold Blighty.

Geoffrey The Golf

Geoffrey The Golf

Now –let’s be honest. June/ July period was your all time low. Or shall I say mine? Let’s just leave those two months where they belong- in the past, buried under great memories of my mum’s visit in August. My mum! No words will ever be enough to describe her. Let the picture talk instead:

Here comes the trouble

Here comes the trouble

August was also the official start to my Cabin Crew dream. September/ October – that’s just a blur in my memory filled with all things flying. November– auch- was the month of injections. And gymming. And shopping. November was gooooooooodl!!

And here we are now – me ready to jump head first into 2013 and you nearing the end or your service. You did me good 2012, you taught me that if life gives you lemons you make a lemonade and drink it chilled with friends. Shaken, not stirred.

I just hope you are not going to come to a premature end this Friday. Let’s suck it up till the very end. Till the 31st !





Words and space

I have once briefly mentioned that I got finally approved for the Cabin Crew job. I feel like I haven’t really dedicated that big news enough words or space on my blog. So here it comes :  

words , words and happy words and more happy words and also happy space and happy face

No- seriously – I am very excited as you can imagine! All the obstacles have been overcome and I’ standing on the very last step of a long imaginary staircase ready to open the imaginary door and embark on what is probably going to be the biggest adventure of my life. There is no denying it now- I am actually going to Dubai in four weeks. There is no more ” I might not get thru” “I might not get the GC” “I might not pass my Medicals” there is just “I might have to start packing.”

This half a year has gone by so quick- from the first moment I thought of even applying for the job. It was on a crappy day last summer as I was feeling super sorry for myself because I haven’t seen sunshine for about three months running and had to keep on talking to people at work about their flying on holiday to or via Dubai that I suddenly decided I can’t live in England anymore. And out of a blue I thought – “I know what would be a great idea! To live in a desert ! There is always sun in a desert !”.  In the frenzy of imagining myself soaking up all the sun and feeling warm I applied for the first job that crossed my mind. Cabin Crew.

It wasn’t until I received the invitation for my AD (as an employee of the same airline I didn’t have to attend an OD) that I fully realised what I did. And what I was about to do. At this point I still haven’t told anyone. It was my little secret that I would think of when I felt down. A bit like ” You talk to me like I am a piece of s***t but I am going to be a Cabin Crew and flying places and stuff and you are not – hehehe I win” type of secret. It wasn’t the easiest news to break to people but I was surprised how supportive everyone around me was. I felt and am still feeling so loved! There truly is nothing better than supportive friends and family!

By this time I was back on good terms with England (could have possibly been caused by that one sunny week we had mid-August this year) and wasn’t even that fussed about going to Dubai anymore. I have already made my point to the UK. “You either get your act together about this weather thing or I go.” However I decided to still attend and see how far can I get with this whole thing. This mindset was probably what has made the difference at my AD (for more details on that click here). I wasn’t nervous at all, just really curious what’s this all about. And I got thru. Most of the girls there didn’t and they probably hate me now. Some of them looked like their lives depended on getting that job… well maybe they did.

After I got my Final Interview invitation I thought “Right, am I doing this or what? I better find out what’s going on.” And I started looking a bit deeper into the possibility of completely turning my life around. And that’s when I fell in love with the job. I started wanting it so badly. Who wouldn’t ? I got completely obsessed with forums such as CabinCrew and PPrune. Because I don’t know what the term “half measures” means.

My FI didn’t go as well as planned. For you all out there who think it’s just a chitchat about your past jobs- it is not. It’s pretty in depth examination of your customer service skills and demeanour. Watch out for any gaps in your CV- you are gonna have to explain them well! I made sure I had none but my FI  still took over an hour and afterwards I felt completely spent. I couldn’t talk for the rest of the day because my brain ran out of energy to produce anything more than “bzzzzzzzzzbzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzbzzzzzz”. I gave it my all and felt it might have not been enough. And I don’t wish that feeling upon anyone.

And then the waiting started. And after that the Medicals. And after that… The Final Approval. And after that? Who knows … watch this space for more !



Bucket list

My special someone is getting ready for his big interview tomorrow. He is supposed to come up with a 10-minute presentation on something he is passionate about. I’m telling you job interviews nowadays are no laughing matter. Gone are the days of ” tell me about your strengths and weaknesses”. Anyway I don’t wanna burst his bubble (in case some of his future managers are reading this blog – hahaha) so I’m not gonna tell you much about it. It’s very good – that much I can share – and the last slide asks the following question :


What is a Bucket List? Apparently it’s a certain number of things you set yourself to do before you die. Have you got one?

As a matter of fact I do. It’s an ever-changing list , the length of which would make  walking The great Wall of China look like a Sunday afternoon stroll. Maybe it’s more of a book rather than a list.

A book called “The Life of Gabs” with numerous volumes and chapters.

Starting with “Years of Childhood” and the all important:

  • learn how to ride a bike
  • learn how to swim (of which both have taken me longer than I dare to admit:)
  • learn how to fly (well – there you have it )

Then came the sweet “Years of Rebellion”  and:

  • kiss Prince Charming  the guy from year above  anyone really
  • change the world my hair style (BIG mistake)
  • never talk to the mother again coz she is stupid and I wish I was never born (under review)

As I grew older I started a new chapter of my life that I like to call “Years of Wisdom”– I matured and so did my expectation of the future :

  • to go EVERYWHERE and see EVERYTHING (ongoing)
  • become filthy rich (work in progress)

Currently I’m working on a new Bucket List. The working title is “Dubai To Dos”:

  • learn to speak Arabic (gonna give the writing part a miss methinks:)
  • party on the beach from dusk till dawn
  • start playing golf
  • ride a horse (or a unicorn) on the beach
  • go sandboarding:

  • persuade my special someone to come there and live with me (has proven to be rather difficult)
  • go up the Burj Khalifa and not s**t my pants (might have to wear a skirt that day)
  • fly over the desert in a hot air balloon
  • run the Dubai marathon (or pretend to)
  • earn LOADS of money
  • get a perfect overall tan (no freckles)
  • go for a swim every day for AT LEAST a month
  • spend a night here :

I think I might revisit this post in a couple of months time to see how I’ve done and what points have changed or have been added .

In the meantime why don’t you tell me :

What’s on your Bucket List?”




From OD to FI and GC

One of the main reasons I started this blog is to help out all the other Cabin Crew hopefuls out there.

I know for one that prior to my AD (Assessment Day) and FI (Final Interview) I went crazy looking up all the possible questions and scenarios I could face. What I found was mostly the same old “Be yourself” rubbish.

My advise is “Do NOT be yourself” ! Be whatever The Airline wants you to be. Which is to be consistent with their brand. Classy, expensive looking, cosmopolitan. Or as they like to call it a “Globalista”.

Let’s take it from the top :

  • Outfit – dress with a KISS in mind ( Keep It Simple and SIMPLE!) . When I say simple I do mean SIMPLE! As clean cut as possible. A black pencil skirt, white fitted shirt, black court shoes. Couple of girls from “my” AD showed up in mini skirts or revealing vests (!). One girl was even wearing a pair of these bad boys:

Needless to say she didn’t make it thru. The recruitment officers don’t care if it’s Louboutin – it’s not coherent with The Airline and you are out.

  • Make-up – Remember you are there to get a job not to get laid. I suggest to look up the typical high flying girl. Flawless skin, black eyeliner and red lipstick. Again very simple.

Please I beg you – NO fake eyelashes and/or fake tan. Only 3 girls out of 15 made it to the final stage of our assessment. And the one thing that set us 3 (visually) apart from the rest was that we all looked very natural. Pretty but natural that’s what you are aiming for.

  • Appear to Appeal – I had one rule, that I think helped a hell of a lot throughout my AD and FI. I call it the “SSS rule” – Sit up Straight and Smile. Whatever happens.
  • Miss Perfect Stewardess – I have a one great friend to thank for this part (Thank you Babs, you are the best). She knows me well. She knows I talk to much, am very opinionated and laugh out loud. On the night before my AD she said to me: ” Do not do any of that!” She had a point. When you think about it- have you ever seen a stewardess arguing with a passenger over politics? Or rolling on the floor laughing?   Or talking over someone? No? Didn’t think so.

So leave Little Miss Bossy at home. Together with Miss Chatty, Miss Overly Friendly and Miss Mute. Bring Miss Perfect Stewardess with you. The one that smiles a lot, talks quietly only when she ‘s got something to say. Always asks for other people’s opinions. Leaves others to take charge but doesn’t let them walk over her. She is gonna get you the job. Don’t you just love her already?

  • Be a Star– You are gonna get asked questions. After all this is an interview. But not only that. You are also gonna be watched when on your breaks interacting with others. So research The Airline and their branding , look into their routes , history, management . I’m sure you did anyway when you applied for the job. And then shine, show off what you remember. Make sure one of the officers is around the turn to the person next to you and say ” Have you heard they are opening a new route to Phuket in Thailand? Wouldn’t be great to get it a your first supply flight?” or something along those lines. You get the gist.

That’s pretty much it. At least that’s what I did . And it seemed to have been enough.

Good luck to everyone, see in Dubai (or maybe even Phuket:)