Dear China – You Are The Best !

I love my long and quiet Chinese flights. I also love all the polite and humble Chinese passengers that never seem to want anything than a little cup of hot water. But most of all- most of all I love China. I love landing in this vast, ¬†far away and isolated country that is so different from anything I have seen anywhere else in the world. It’s like falling asleep into one of those strange amazing dreams that you still think about long after waking up. That’s exactly what going to China feels like to me. Like a dream coming true.

I first went to China almost two years ago on holiday to Hong Kong. The city has instantly charmed me with it’s grand buildings and never ceasing street life… and that was before I even discovered the bubble tea (which in my opinion is the best thing since sliced bread!)… Then couple of months ago as a fresh cabin crew I got to go to Shanghai and absolutely loved it. But it wasn’t till my Beijing trip that I realised that the way I feel about China isn’t just casual. There is just something about this place that tantalises me every time I come. Something that makes me want more and more.

I stood outside of the hotel waiting for the taxi to take me to a place I have been wanting to see since I was a little redheaded four-eyed girl – The Great Wall of China. I was shivering in the early morning breeze that reminded me a lot of November days in Europe and clutched my cup of Oolong tea a bit tighter. My breath changed into little white puffs every time it left the lungs. I watched Chinese businessmen rush buy to catch their buses and deadlines (I presume). I listened to the thousands and thousand of cars beep their horns in a pointless attempt to speed up the crazy traffic ahead of them. And once again I felt extremely happy. I was right where I was supposed to be at that moment.

The taxi , unlike my fellow crew, arrived on time. I made myself comfortable for the long ride that took us thru Beijing and its outskirts to The Wall. As our journey progressed it became clear that the day wasn’t going to be a sunny one. Neither was it to be a dry one. The rain got heavier and thicker by the minute. By the time we arrived at the bottom of The Wall the place resembled more of a swimming pool than a car park. I tried to convince my colleagues that the rain was easing off and the skies were becoming clearer. But I wasn’t fooling anyone. In the end I decided to shut my mouth up and ears off. If they enjoyed b*tching about something that was beyond anybody’s power to change well then I decided not to let that spoil the day I was waiting for so eagerly.

And as if someone up there wanted to push my patience and positive thinking to its limit by the time we purchased our tickets a proper thunder storm was upon us. With all its might and glory and heavy rain drops and flashy¬†lightning. The slides and gondolas going up have been stopped for safety reasons. One couldn’t see the end of their own arm. It looked as if the hell has opened. I looked up the skies and screamed :

“C’mon now! I made it all this way and it’s taken me years to come here. Are u seriously not gonna let me go up and see this Wall or what?!”

I want to say that the moment I spoke those words the storm has stopped… but… Oh you know what!? This is my blog and my story so what the heck!! So – the moment I spoke those words (or maybe some 30-40 minutes later) the storm has stopped and the gondolas started running again. And I finally made it up and stood on The Great Wall of China. And not only that. Since the rain has never really ceased lots of people have given up before even reaching the top which resulted in me and my fellow group of serial complainers having the entire Wall to ourselves. There was quite literally nobody else in sight.

The fog was blowing over the ancient stones occasionally revealing one of most amazing views I had in my life. It felt as if I went back in time and I half expected Chinese warriors to appear from the mist and fight us intruders. It was quite literally magical…

I feel like photos only will not do my Great Wall of China story justice… so I did this …hope you enjoy it guys :

The Great Wall