And 9-moths later…

… I gave birth to the first post of 2015.

So… this has taken a long time. Me coming back to blogging I mean. There isn’t really just ONE singular reason to WHY I so suddenly stopped. And thinking about it, it wasn’t even so sudden. See in my head I would always think “Oh yeah I should blog about that.” “Should” being the key word here as oppose to “Am going to“. But I just never actually did. Quite frankly there just wasn’t enough time these past.. uh… nine months.

I haven’t banned my beloved social media. Those of you who follow my Instagram (Gabs @gabbypra) page may have noticed I sometimes go a couple of days without posting but that mostly because I don’t wanna be repetitive rather than trying to be private. And I’m still big on sharing my ups and downs, my rants and my lengthy life lessons on Facebook. Nothing has changed there. I just don’t it that often. I guess because now I also have an actual life. I mean an offline one. I know! It was quite the shock when I realised myself!

It all started last mid-October. Things have taken an unexpected turn and all at once my life was sort of upside down. I moved houses. I upgraded to the business class cabin. I was done with mankind- as in I was totally done with the “man” part of the mankind. I was still ok with the womankind. But I also met a man who made me reconsider my decision to be done with the mankind and I was still like “Yeah but I just made up my mind.” but then I was also like “Yes but he is like really REALLY really hot and also cool and I REALLY like hanging out with him.” and so I had to go ahead and reconsider my being done with the mankind but I can be very stubborn with myself at times and so yes… It was all very confusing. Then my brother came to visit me in Dubai, then Xmas came, then I sorta moved to Abu Dhabi, then February rolled over and my Dad, Holly (remember Holly my best friend?) and I climbed Kilimanjaro and then I was super busy pending between Dubai and AD and the rest of the world in March then the man and I went to Japan in April and then April felt like a super long month coz I also went to Czech to see my other best friend Rudi (remember Rudi I went skiing with last year) who got married again in the meantime and was expecting his first child (that was born a week ago but more on that one later) and was also flying like crazy and then it was suddenly May and I was like “Shit I haven’t blogged for so long and there is so much I should blog about” but I just decided to finally get a car because I’m now basically living in AD and taking taxis and buses and other means of transport is becoming really time-consuming but as it turns out it is not that easy to convert an existing driving licence OR get a car so that was May done. And now it’s June and I ALMOST have a car and I have ALMOST published this post. Talking about feeling accomplished ey?

So yeah… if you guys could tell me which one of those would you like to hear about first I’d be ever so grateful. Otherwise I may just start blogging chronologically. Or maybe randomly. Or maybe I’d try to lucky-dip it.

Let’s see.

It feels really good to be back guys I hope you are still here to read it. I really missed this feeling of an almost finished blog post 🙂 It makes me giddy ❤

Lots of love



The Quick One

Oh my oh my, hi there everyone !

Am I even talking to anybody or have you all left already? I wouldn’t be too surprised looking back I can see the last post was published in… ehhhh… May. Ever heard of the writer’s block? Yeah… I kinda had that but honestly I was also all over the globe in the past few months with a very little downtime in Dubai. I never stopped writing I just never got around to the final finishing touches and the actual publishing of something new. But I feel strangely inspired today so I promise I’m gonna try my best to update you on my ever so exciting (ha ha ha) life. There is a few articles hanging in my Drafts so you have got my Canadian trip (that happened almost half a year ago), my recent holidays in Czech and my fantastic first ever reserve month to look forward to. 

Stay tuned I missed y’all so much x

Lots of love 


Lovely Lazy Layinners

I think we can all agree that there must be a damn good reason for somebody to make a career choice that -when at work- involves spending 95% of one’s time having to explain to more than 400 people why their meal choice is no longer available and remain calm and composed whilst doing so.


Agreed? Yes? Well I’m glad we are all on the same page. Yes there is – a whole sack of reasons actually. Starting with the remaining 5% of time spent on board chatting to colleagues in the passanger-free oasis also known as the cockpit and devouring all the left over business class food and freshly squeezed juices. And ending with landing in a far-away destination, checking in into a 5 star hotel and being handed an envelope with your spending money aka The Layovers.

As I have come to know lately there are different types of Layovers. There is The Party Layovers , The Shopping Paradise Layovers, The Lets Go to the Beach Layovers, The Must See Sightseeing Layovers, The Not Much to Do Layovers and The Depends on the Rest of the Crew Layovers. And then there is a type that I have invented – the Layinners.

It’s pretty self-explanatory so just for the slower ones. A Layinner is a type of a Layover that requires a vast amount of self discipline- under no circumstances must one leave the hotel room or the hotel complex and only the amount of energy that’s absolutely necessary for survival is allowed to be spent. Hard work I’m telling you.

I have so far only managed to turn two of my Layovers into Layinners (one has to be truly super dedicated to the cause!). First one was the infamous asian party destination Kuala Lumpur. I know … I know … I know there is so so so so much more to see and do in KL than just eating some nice street food, checking out the Petronas Towers (which btw just between the two of us after having lived or been to Dubai is not such a big deal) and heading back to the hotel. I know. And I swear to all that’s dear to me I was gonna see and do it all. But then I woke up the next day, looked outside of the window, saw a tropical storm or whatever they call it over there, looked at my comfy bed, draw my curtains back together and fell asleep for the longest time in absolute ages. When I eventually woke up again and looked outside nothing has changed (as I found out later it has, the weather has actually changed to sunny spells but then changed to rain again). With a few hours to spare till my wake up call I lazily reached for the phone, ordered my breakfast and turned on the TV. And it was as if The Gods of Layinners wanted me to stay in bed because The X-men followed by The Avengers were on. I boarded the plane back happy and relaxed with an open promise that if ever back in KL I’d make the effort to actually go past the hotel sign …IMG_1548 IMG_1551