And 9-moths later…

… I gave birth to the first post of 2015.

So… this has taken a long time. Me coming back to blogging I mean. There isn’t really just ONE singular reason to WHY I so suddenly stopped. And thinking about it, it wasn’t even so sudden. See in my head I would always think “Oh yeah I should blog about that.” “Should” being the key word here as oppose to “Am going to“. But I just never actually did. Quite frankly there just wasn’t enough time these past.. uh… nine months.

I haven’t banned my beloved social media. Those of you who follow my Instagram (Gabs @gabbypra) page may have noticed I sometimes go a couple of days without posting but that mostly because I don’t wanna be repetitive rather than trying to be private. And I’m still big on sharing my ups and downs, my rants and my lengthy life lessons on Facebook. Nothing has changed there. I just don’t it that often. I guess because now I also have an actual life. I mean an offline one. I know! It was quite the shock when I realised myself!

It all started last mid-October. Things have taken an unexpected turn and all at once my life was sort of upside down. I moved houses. I upgraded to the business class cabin. I was done with mankind- as in I was totally done with the “man” part of the mankind. I was still ok with the womankind. But I also met a man who made me reconsider my decision to be done with the mankind and I was still like “Yeah but I just made up my mind.” but then I was also like “Yes but he is like really REALLY really hot and also cool and I REALLY like hanging out with him.” and so I had to go ahead and reconsider my being done with the mankind but I can be very stubborn with myself at times and so yes… It was all very confusing. Then my brother came to visit me in Dubai, then Xmas came, then I sorta moved to Abu Dhabi, then February rolled over and my Dad, Holly (remember Holly my best friend?) and I climbed Kilimanjaro and then I was super busy pending between Dubai and AD and the rest of the world in March then the man and I went to Japan in April and then April felt like a super long month coz I also went to Czech to see my other best friend Rudi (remember Rudi I went skiing with last year) who got married again in the meantime and was expecting his first child (that was born a week ago but more on that one later) and was also flying like crazy and then it was suddenly May and I was like “Shit I haven’t blogged for so long and there is so much I should blog about” but I just decided to finally get a car because I’m now basically living in AD and taking taxis and buses and other means of transport is becoming really time-consuming but as it turns out it is not that easy to convert an existing driving licence OR get a car so that was May done. And now it’s June and I ALMOST have a car and I have ALMOST published this post. Talking about feeling accomplished ey?

So yeah… if you guys could tell me which one of those would you like to hear about first I’d be ever so grateful. Otherwise I may just start blogging chronologically. Or maybe randomly. Or maybe I’d try to lucky-dip it.

Let’s see.

It feels really good to be back guys I hope you are still here to read it. I really missed this feeling of an almost finished blog post 🙂 It makes me giddy ❤

Lots of love




As days go by…

Coming back from the fantastic island of Mauritius I found myself sunburnt, beyond tired and enriched with a few more amazing people I can now call friends. The beauty of friendships making is that it always brings something new and exiting into one’s life. Be it a restaurant recommendation, a beautiful song you have never heard of or a very random and unplanned day out go karting and wake boarding.

When Abbie, my mauritian partner in crime, mentioned her wake boarding hobby and suggested I should come along next time she goes to her favourite Abu Dhabi resort that’s full of fun things to do and has got plenty of bars and cabanas one can chill out at when tired of all the activities the only thing I heard was “bars and cabanas” so of course I was like “sure thing ma dear – count me in” without fully realising what I have just committed myself to.

She called me couple of hours later , which coincidentally was the next morning but that mattered very little since I spend the entire night up trying to get over my jetlag (how strange getting a jetlag from a layover that’s within the same time zone?!) and told me to get ready as we are leaving for Abu Dhabi in the next 20 mins. Which we did.

I love having friends. I love having friends who have cars even more. But the most – the most I love having friends who have Audis and drive them like it’s their last day on Earth!

Due to not having adhered to the speed limit between Dubai and Abu Dhabi even for a minute we got to the Al Forsan resort way to early. We still had a couple of hours to kill before the water sports area opened. There really is a sack of crazy things one can get up to in Al Forsan. We opted for go karting as shooting was too extreme for me and horseback riding way too lame for Abbie. I never go karted in my life but I kinda always knew that when I eventually do I’d love it. And I was right. When I got flagged to pull back into the pitstop as my time on the track was up I was buzzing and totally high on adrenalin!558095_10200384060456409_334360_n

And then it was time for the main purpose of our journey – the wake boarding. Never heard of it I hear you say? Well – it involves water, a board and a very quick cable that pulls you around a lake full of buoys, slides and jumps. All clear now? Before you all start thinking of me as a very cool and extremely talented sports addict let me tell you that I was NOT able to actually get up on the wake board. I started off with something called a “knee-board” which is exactly what is says on the tin – a board you kneel on. I was having a blast speeding over the lake, screaming my head off and splashing the on-looking flock of geese. After about 15 mins the cable guys decided I should be pushed onto the next level, took away my knee-board and put me on a pair of water skis. That’s when everybody but me started having fun watching my epic face plants and hopeless attempts to last for more than 15 seconds. When I eventually did manage it the cable guys weren’t ready to give up their source of entertainment just yet and made me switch again. To the “easy” wake board as they called it. I don’t know why. There was nothing easy about it. If I thought the water skies were difficult this was purely insane. It didn’t help much that Abbie was cruising around on her board making it look so damn effortless whilst I was sweating my butt off swimming back to the shore with my “easy” board under my arms most of the time. After about an hour and a half of falling, swimming back, getting up, falling, swimming back, getting up and falling again my arms gave up. I could no longer lift them past my belly button and looking any other direction than straight ahead was also no longer possible as all the pulling gave me a slight whiplash.

I looked at the cable guys rubbing their stomach that were doubtlessly hurting from all the laughing and asked :

“Is everybody so hopeless their first time?”

“Sometimes. But not really.” was the brutally honest answer.

I’m not giving up tho. I never do. I will be back Al Forsan this time with my head raised and not painfully slouching and limping!

Still Standing and Smiling

Still Standing and Smiling

Did I mention nobody else but us was there?

Did I mention nobody else but us was there?

Now just Sitting and Smiling

Now just Sitting and Smiling

Racing back to Dubai I resuscitated my IPhone and got the news. Good one and a bad one as they always tend to come. Bad one : I seemed to have missed the earthquake in Dubai which was a very rare occasion. Good one: My Karachi turn around scheduled for today has changed to a day off which as I’m told is an occasion even rarer!

I have only realised the full extend of my luck today when I woke up and couldn’t move any part of my upper body. Just the thought of having to close and open the hatracks and pulling the carts up and down the aisle is painful. This extra day off has been sent to me by the Gods of Wake boarding Newbies and I’m so thankful for it.

Lots of love