I-Shoulds, I-Shouldn’ts, I-dos

Sometimes I think that possibly I should 

  • be more eco-aware, use eco-friendly products, recycle, check labels for animal testing and go bio because you know of the future of my future kids with my future husband
  • read daily news on politics, current affairs and world conflicts because I don’t always exactly know what’s going on in Gaza and Syria and who’s the Prime Minister of Italy at the moment
  • finish my degree in philosophy and make my grandma proud of me because that’s what grandchildren are for aren’t they 
  • read more Shakespeare and Hugo and Joyce because they are not called classics for nothing
  • be thankful for every safe take off and landing I make even if it takes place at 3am 
  • appreciate the quiet moments (more like hours) when nobody calls and nobody texts and I have so much time to think about why they don’t
  • give money to charity, any amount, any charity because that’s what decent people with enough money do right
  • look at people that did not have the same standards of upbringing that I did without feeling slightly superior (and very guilty) 
  • learn how to receive a compliment without overthinking what it actually meant
  • start thinking about my future (and by future I mean anything beyond tomorrow’s breakfast) because I’m not getting any younger
  • look at people that achieved more than I did and catch up with them rather than look at the ones that didn’t and slow down comfortably because … well just because 
  • look at myself at any point of the day and think “wow you still look great” because if I don’t then who ever will
  • ban “what if’s” from my life because they are the biggest time-energy-wasters I know of
  • live in the moment and take it as it comes (and goes) because when I occasionally do it always feels great
  • stop saying “I love working out” and actually start loving working out

and then I also think that I shouldn’t

  • hate it when people give me what they call “constructive criticism” and I call “bullshit” because everyone is entitled to their opinion however shitty it is
  • take myself too seriously sometimes because altho it’s hard to believe I’m not perfect never have been and quite possibly never will be
  • second guess anything and anybody especially myself because ain’t nobody got time for that
  • keep on denying the fact that I really enjoy watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians because I do yeah I said it 
  • spend so much money on shoes with heels (anymore) (anymore this month) (until next paycheck)  ok I’ll reconsider this one
  • pretend that I don’t like carbs and low-carb diet is actually my “normal” diet…because it’s not. Carbs are great. They make my belly feel happy and full
  • think that “I went to the gym yesterday” is a valid excuse not to go today because -sniff sniff- it isn’t 

but -quite honestly – very often I do

  • spend too much time on social media and cannot be bothered reading news because frankly I care more about what happened on my friend’s latest layover more than what happened in Ukraine
  • watch way too many funny animal videos on Youtube… because… because this:
  • stalk people on Instagram shamelessly and often feel jealous of what their lives look like because I’m evidently still 16 at heart
  • not give a damn about having a Bc or Mg or anything else in front of my name because I didn’t enjoy studying (as oppose to having really enjoyed being a student) and can’t bring myself to do it all over again just to make somebody else happy
  • obsess about views and followers and likes and such because sadly I’m a writer and that’s what we do on sleepless nights
  • stare at myself in the mirror for way too long listing the things I don’t like or should improve because my “loving myself unconditionally” is still “under construction”
  • pretend I forgot what I came to the bookshop for and then just to make myself remember end up buying a new pair of shoes
  • eat a whole bar of chocolate for breakfast and then do not eat anything else for the rest of the day because I’m a weakling where sweets are involved and the world would be a much better and easier place if we just got rid of anything sweet for good
  • compose a (questionably) collaborate post on Facebook, Instagram or here just for the sake of this one certain person hoping they will read it and find me amusing, funny, clever and generally irresistible because isn’t that what we ultimately all want … no ok it’s just me then forget I said anything

This post is a little fluffy something I thought of on my latest flight that I just literally landed from. I can’t use my phone when in uniform and so I had to scribble my notes down on a piece of paper. When I looked down I realised that the piece of paper was a menu… IMG_3079

Lots of love and goodnight to everyone



The 800 Magical Candles

People keep all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff in all kinds of weird and wonderful places in their lives. I have met people that keep old pairs of shoes under their beds, people that collect little pieces of rocks from all the places they have visited. I know people that keep a stash of emergency pain killers in beauty boxes on their bed tables and take them as precaution “just in case” and people who would never let go of a worn out t-shirt even tho there is no chance in hell they’ll ever wear it again. I myself am guilty of keeping a few too many skeletons in my own closet and cherishing some of them way too deeply. There is a little sentimental freak in each one of us that from time to time forces us to hang on to certain beliefs, feelings or a memory that we are scared would fade into oblivion if we didn’t have that small reminder hidden somewhere…

I have recently met someone that keeps 800 candles in the bedroom. Countless white paper boxes full of candles neatly stacked in one big box and carefully placed in a corner of a green and a maroon wall. As if that was the most natural place to keep 800 candles. Because  isn’t that where we all eventually end up anyway? In a neat box somewhere between the green grass and the maroon ground?

I have left that bedroom thinking about those candles.I have never kept 800 of anything. It just seems like such a vast and intimidating number. I went to bed that night and dreamt about 800 magical candles coming to life and each telling me a story of its short and rather pointless existence. I woke up with candles on my mind. As if they have all melted overnight and the wax has covered my body and created an invisible shield all over me. And I just can’t seem to be able to shake it off. It is after all a powerful shield – 800 candles have been used on it.

It’s been a couple of days now. And here I am still thinking about those candles and that fantastic number 800. Would I ever be able to keep anything of such quantity? And if I did would I proudly display it or would it be my dirty little secret – for my eyes only? Let’s say I did have 800 candles laying in a corner. If I decided to burn one each night it’d take me exactly 2 years, 2 months, 1 week and one more day to get thru all of them. That’s a commitment to alternative energy sources if I ever saw one. Or if I’d want to use them every year on my b-day cake I’d have enough till my 46th birthday – which would of course still officially be my 21st…  

I could also turn them into wax figures and become the Mayor of the first ever wax village. I’d call the place Waxville. “Welcome to Waxville – a heart melting place.” It has nice ring to it don’t you think? 800 tiny wax soldiers would also make for a nice powerful army. Waxarmy. And I could be the general. It’ be protected and forever safe under the watchful eyes of my soldiers…

My mind has literally taken me on a Magical Candle Mystery Tour. I started to feel slightly obsessed. And that’s when it hit me. I may not have 800 candles but do keep something so numerous it surpasses The Great 800 (as I decided to call the pile of wax in somebody else’s bedroom) by far. And I keep it so close to my heart it hasn’t even occurred to me at first. It’s my chants. My guarding angels. My happy thoughts. My blessings I count everyday before going to sleep in order to remain grateful for the life I have been gifted. In order to never become oblivious to the fact that I’m a epitome of a happy-go-lucky in the most literal way. 

There must be thousands upon thousands of people, things and experiences I’m thankful for every minute of my life. Do not worry I’m not about to try and list them all – I cannot afford to bore and consequently lose any of you my dear readers. Y’all are one of the first items on my “Thanks for” list. Because without you I’d be just a crazy nerdy girl publishing random stuff on the internet. It’s you guys that make all the tossing and turning over syntax and endless grammar checks and author’s blocks so worth it. So thank you. For every click you make on this site. None of them go unnoticed. And all of them are highly appreciated.

But then I still feel like to make this post come together I should mention at least a few of my Magical candles that I light every evening before bedtime and that shine so brightly and guide me thru the unknown waters of my life like countless reliable lighthouses. 

There is the Big Ten. The Big Obvious Ten. You know – the fam, the friends, the job and all the trimmings. I write about being thankful for those in every post so why repeat myself all over again? I thought instead I’d let you on about the Big Five after The Big Obvious Ten. Now how about that? 


Oh – how thankful am I for all the fluff. How bruised would I be by all the edges of everyday life should there be no fluff. Fluffy animals. Fluffy food. And fluffy conversations in particular. What’s a fluffy conversation? You know- it’s those that don’t necessarily have a purpose and yet are so meaningful. They lift you spirits and leave you all warm inside hours after they’ve happened. Put a fluffy smile on your face. 

This kinda fluffy smile :

Happy hamster is happy - Imgur



You remember Sven? Some of you may some of you may not. Anyway he is the guy I write so extensively about here. You know The Guy. The one that made me believe in love again and then kinda went on and broke my heart and sometimes I feel like he also broke me for the rest of the male population on the Earth. But no hard feelings. There is always the outer space I could try my luck in- I just hope they use Tinder over there. Plus I’m obviously joking. He has not broken me. He merely highlighted areas in my life that I have been ignoring for long enough and that are in a desperate need of improvement. I still think about him every day. But not in a I-hate-you-way. In a very thank-you-for-all-the-nice-moments-and-have-a-nice-life-way. I do miss him from time to time. Well I mostly miss the way I used to feel around him. I miss what I thought we had when we had it. But I no longer believe that he was the only one I could ever feel like that around. Because after all – those feelings came out of me and not him so it is quite possible there is someone out there who could bring the same feelings to the surface again. If I ever let them. 

So thank you Sven. Thank you for trying to break me (I know you did not mean to) because I know it will eventually only make me stronger. And I will forever love you for that. 



What would a girl’s life be without all them bad dates we have to go thru to eventually have a really good one? I mean- some of them are true horror stories that we exchange over liquid lunches with our girlfriends. Like when you go out with a guy and he disappears and next time he contacts you weeks later he casually says ” Sorry I was in jail for beating up a guy once.” Yes – that happened! To me… 

Or when you bravely venture out on a blind date and the bloke brings his best mate along. Probably for moral support, who the heck knows? Also happened. Also to me. 

I’m not even gonna go into details about all the others that just can’t take “no” for an answer and would try pretty much ANYTHING to change your mind. The mind that has been made up the moment they first spoke. And when you still try to remain polite but firm they still try the ” Ok well how about at least a BJ?”. Yes- they are out there believe me… 

I’m so grateful for every single one of them because they make me appreciate the good ones that much more. Plus what would I have to write about and what my best friend to have to laugh about? 


4. Le PQ

I simply do not know what I would do if there wasn’t Le PQ right at the bottom of my building. I would probably starve to death without realising. Because when I blog for hours (very much like today) unless somebody comes along to ask if I wanna eat or drink anything I simply don’t. 



Thank you PQ for your being here for me, for feeding me, for putting up with my many overstayed welcomes and for being generally very awesome. 



My newest obsession that managed to overshadow the one man I thought could never be replaced in my life- Michael Kors. Thank you Guess for so gladly accepting all of my pay checks. You are great ! I love you too… 

It's all about the watch !

It’s all about the watch !

Lots of love



Note: If you are wondering what’s the reason there are 800 candles kept in a bedroom somewhere – they were once used to try and mend a relationship that was about to break. They carried a love message. The message didn’t work. Or maybe it was the candles… maybe it is a very intimidating number to carry such an intimate message or that’s at least what I think. But then again what do I know about love messages or romance in general? Quite possibly very little… 





If …

If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:


If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:


If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’


If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!


by R. Kipling



Flying with Friends

Hullo my pets!

Guess what? You darling redhead blogger has been officially flying for a WHOLE frigging year! Are you finding it as hard to believe as I am? Some of you have been with me this entire time since the very start some of you joined just recently but still guys – what a year this one has been huh?! I have taken you with me everywhere I went. You guys tried all the delicious food I ate (wait – why is it just me who gained weight then ?! So not fair!:) and jogged using my poor little legs around Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and Africa . Together we have taken off and landed hundreds of times and went to sleep in so many different beds that if I wasn’t cabin crew I would have to be a… ehm… nevermind :). I feel like every each one of you is a very dear friend of mine and I hope those feelings are mutual.

My Dubai

My Dubai

I’m not in this for the fame or the big bugs (however if any of that comes I won’t refuse:) I blog because I love to talk and I love to share my self-proclaimed wisdom. But I never ever imagined that having a blog will bring so many new and amazing people into my life. Some of you I have had the pleasure of meeting randomly – one of the proudest moments of my life was when I was sat having a coffee with Ryan in the HQ and this girl comes to me and goes:

“OMG Gabby- it’s you ! I loOoOove your blog- I even commented on it a couple of times!”

Ryan’s jaw dropped and I felt so damn special ! That girl was Carmen, who joined a couple of month after me. I have met her a few times since then – at the pool, in a club .. the usual locations of the Dubai expat scene:) Then there is Kamila, a fellow Czech blogger  and my Shangri-la buddy. Her Instagram posts always tickle my taste buds… and my wallet 🙂 Kamila is not ONLY Czech she is also Moravian – which is far more important! I just love listening to her broad accent that takes me a decade back to the times when I still lived and studied in Moravia. She is as close to home as Dubai gets.

My Dubai

My Dubai

Some of you I have flown as passengers – like Noemi for example, whose blog I have been following long long looooong time before I got this job and moved to the Middle East. This time around it was my turn to feel starstruck ! I have read EVERY single post she ever wrote(it dates about 5 years back) and I still remember how very proud I felt when she started following “Journey” and even commented a few times! So  I was casually strolling thru the isle of my flight to Athens when I noticed her sitting in my area. I thought ” no- this can’t be !”. Then I did that very conspicuous turn that only flight attendants are capable of and walked past her again looking right at her quizzically. I have no idea how she hasn’t noticed because everybody else has done and they all must have thought she is in a big trouble. I wanted to make this meeting as special for her as it was for me so I went to business and asked my colleagues for some sweet treats and gathered all of my courage to approach her. It was so bizarre and yet so very amazing! 

My world

My world


And then there is a very particular few of you. The few ones that have a blog of their own, are also cabin crew and above all I have flown with. Greta for starters. Greta is an Aussie from Perth (which as you all know is my second home – at least according to my rosters:) and I have “known” her for quite a long time thru her blog and Instagram. Then one day I looked at my roster and there she was. Flying with me to Paris on Xmas day! You know about my trip to Paris already – I spent it all with my sis so I didn’t get much time to get to know Greta as I would have liked to but from the time we did spend together I can honestly tell you she is absolutely lovely – exactly as she comes across in her posts. She is also as obsessed otaku as her Instagram shows 🙂 (Btw Gretz- I went to see Frozen and I know you won’t agree but I prefer Anna to Elsa… and I also hope your back is getting better!)

And Doyle. I have been not so secretly in love with Doyle’s I-gram and keep bragging on about it to everybody, who is willing to listen. I’m a huge fan of visuals. That’s why I love pictures. And Doyle’s pictures are truly something! Go check it out please! Plus he is very strong visual experience himself :p) Yes – there I said it Doyle :)) I have just flown with him- we did a long flight Down Under together. It’s a four day trip to Sydney and onwards to Auckland and back again. We have had plenty of time to chat in the first class galley ( hahahaha first time I made friends with the first class class crew at all actually they aren’t usually very approachable- ops did I say that out loud?:) I have to say – apart from being in love with him and his pictures I also love his outlook on life and how very loudly he thanks everybody for everything! So Doyle – THANK YOU it was lovely flying with you 🙂 .

I hope to meet many more of you in the future y’all seem to be such an interesting bunch

Till then just keep on reading




The Journey of 2013

Wow ! Just simple “wow”. Thanks so much for your interest guys – this report has just made my day !

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 42,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 16 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Time Flies When…

… you are having fun. Is that how the saying goes? It also flies when you have to work hard and sleep little. It flies when you are trying your hardest to find time for the important things in life and end up killing it with the very unimportant ones.

Time is such a funny thing seriously. No matter if rich or poor, wise or stupid we all get our fair share. No more no less. No matter how hard you try to fool ourselves we will never be able to earn some more. It’s only up to us to decide what to do with it to make every second count.

In the past year there were many second that created moments I will cherish forever. Regrettably I also have to admit to a few second I have been trying my best to forget. But as I love to say ” You loose some and then you win some”. So I focus on the good things that 2013 has brought me and do not dwell too much upon the ones it has taken away from me.

You may remember my last year’s resolution – I have promised to love myself like nobody else has loved me before. Well – I have given it my best shot and almost lasted the entire 12 months. But at one point I had a look at some of the choices I made in the past year and somehow loved myself a little less. Does that happen to everybody? Does everyone go back on their word?

I guess it matters little since the entire 2013 has been an amazing learning curve and I strongly believe that a mistake is only a real “mistake” if you do it twice, three times, four even and always without realising.

Is this all a bit too vague for you guys? I’m so very sorry – some things are just too personal to share but anyway the thing I’m getting at is my new year’s resolution for 2014.

I have to admit -it is not entirely mine. I have heard it in a song and felt inspired. I have quietly celebrated a year of living in Dubai a couple of days ago. And what a year it has been – The Year of Thousands of First Times I decided to call it. And as I was approaching that day- coming hand in hand with the last day of 2013- I also decided I didn’t want to stop there. I never want this constant flow of first times to dry up. I want them to keep on coming. And that’s why my new year’s resolution for 2014 is to lose the fear of trying. They say there is a first time for everything. And I wanna know what this “everything” is.

Belayed Happy New Year everyone




The Fame Game

Well the birthday posts just keep on rolling don’t they? Lately I have been crazy busy flying left and right and up and down on the map of the world so I very irresponsibly missed The Big Date. The date that my little baby blog turned 1 year old. I know right? Times flies … just like me I guess.

And the best b-day gift my blog could have ever wished for came from this awesome website that’s all about the cabin crew lifestyle and stuff. Imagine my excitement when I received an email couple of weeks back asking me to do a feature interview with them! Holly sh*t I thought – I’m getting famous !! Well – you all know what I mean… right?

I’d like to express my endless gratitude for this amazing opportunity to share some of my “wisdom” with a wider audience. I hope some of my answers helped somebody out there hoping to become one of us crazy people that know the super secret code behind words like “crosscheck” and “backup” and such:)

If you wanna read the full interview go here.

Thanks again guys for your continuing support, I love y’all !

The 9th November

The 9th of November 17 years ago was- funnily enough- also a Saturday. How do I know that? Because quite simply it is a day I will remember forever. The day my life as I knew it changed. The day the first one of my many brothers was born.

And here is the full story of that memorable weekend:

It is a Friday night and I’m quite excited. My best friend is coming to stay with me and my family at our weekend house in the mountains where we usually spend all of our free time. My parents (and by that I mean my mum and my stepdad) hate the city life so much we sometimes escape there during the week just for the night which I don’t like that much since it means I have to get up super early to make it to school on time. But weekends are cool. Especially now when the winter is in the air and we fire up the stove and sit around in our tiny rustic kitchen overlooking the beautiful landscape. We are even hoping for some snow since the autumn has been particularly cold this year.

My mum is HUGE. She is due any day now and she is the size of a train- seriously I have no idea how big is this baby going to be when it’s out at last. My best friend’s mum insist we all take a picture before leaving (which couple of years later we all realised was the last picture of Hynek inside my mum’s tum). Thanks to my mum’s enormity it takes us ages to pack the car, get out of town and unpack the car. When we eventually get there it’s so late and dark and there is a definite snowy promise hanging in the mountain air. My friend and I are convinced this weekend is gonna be great. Oh – if only we knew!

There is no chance of a hot shower before going to bed ( our weekend house is over 150 years old and has not been equipped with such luxury as central heating or decent plumbing) so we just pile lots of warm clothing on and all head to  our beds. My friend and I stay up for ages talking about guys of course and making silly Xmas plans. I eventually go to sleep dreaming about snow. I love it when it starts snowing.

When we get up it’s still quite early in the morning. All the windows and ground outside is all frosty but alas- still no snow. Lucy – my friend- and me take the advantage of my health conscious mum still being asleep and pig out on a very unhealthy breakfast. Then we just sit around the kitchen table for ages, making sure the fire won’t go out and talking guys (of course- we are 9 what do you expect!?) After an hour or so I notice it is getting quite late for my parents to be still asleep. They are both early risers, especially now with my mum being all pregnant and stuff. We decide to give them a cheeky wake up call and rush to the master bedroom, screaming, yelling and generally making as much noise as possible. We hastily open to door to find an empty and undone bed…

“What the heck!? My mum would never leave a bed without making it up first.” That’s the first thought I have. The second one is ” Where the hell is everybody”. That’s when we notice the car is gone too. Things are starting to make sense. We head back to the kitchen and there it is. The note that none of us even bothered to look at because we both assumed it’s just one of my mum’s countless To-do lists (honestly there are millions of notes everywhere my mum goes -always! She just leaves them everywhere! Sometimes she makes a note not to forget to make a note I swear!).

It says: “We have gone to the hospital!” 

Now this is all happening 17 years ago. Remember that time? Before mobile phones? Before Facebook and Internet everywhere? Hell – before weekend houses even had their own landlines! Luckily this one did… So that’s what we are doing right now. Sat near the landline and waiting for The Call. And it’s not coming !!! I called everybody I could think of – well by that I mean my auntie because her number is the only one I know by heart. And Lucy called her mum. Now we are just waiting for more.

And finally -after what feels like a century – it’s RINGING!! It’s my stepdad “It’s a boy, Gabby! You have a brother! And he is perfect!”.

F*ck! I have a brother! I HAVE A BROTHER – HELL! Somewhere out there there is a tiny little person and it is my BROTHER!

“I’m coming to fetch you, get ready!”

I’m not sure I can. I have been a single child all my life. I have had nine months to get ready for this moment- the moment I meet the little monster who will steal everybody away from me. Especially my mum. It is MY mum you evil little thing I haven’t even seen yet. I hope you are f*cking ugly with at least three moles on your forehead.

That’s pretty much what’s going on thru my head on the way to the hospital. And yet- very deeply inside of me there is a tiny voice that’s quietly humming in excitement.

Ok -here we go- the gates, the hospital reception, the long corridor leading to my mum’s room, the door, the door handle… Holly shit there he is …. !

I have fallen in love for the first time in my life at that moment. He was – he still is- perfect just as my stepdad said. The most beautiful and serene baby I have seen up-to-date. No moles. No crying. Just the massive grey eyes staring deeply into mine.

“Hi! I’m your new brother. You will love me unconditionally and would never want to leave my side. You will dress me up as a doll and put make-up on me and I’d let you do all this without a wink. You will sing for me every night and I will enjoy and demand it even tho we both know you are completely tone-deaf. You will teach me all the bad words and in return your name will be the first I will ever try to pronounce. And 17 years on you will have a blog and on my birthday you will write an uncessarilly long and emotional post about today and I will love it!” is what his eyes said to me that day.

And he was absolutely right.

I have no idea if it snowed that weekend. It could have rained cats and dogs for all I cared. I was completely besotted and beside myself by this tiny human being that was born that Saturday and about to become the bestest brother anyone could ever wish for.


The most recent pic of both of us jogging this summer (and yes- I do have time to take selfies whilst jogging!)

The most recent pic of both of us jogging this summer (and yes- I do have time to take selfies whilst jogging!)

P.S. Coincidentally 9th November is the b-day of one of my dearest Dubai friends- Edel. I wish I could recount the day I have met (and fallen in love with:) him but I will save that for another post, shall I ? Let’s just say it involved a lot of alcohol but strangely it wasn’t being consumed … Happy B-day again Edel my bebe! ❤

yes another selfie- deal with it !

yes another selfie- deal with it !

Dancing, Singing and Holidaying !!

Hey everybody,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post ! But I have been away on holiday – which you may have noticed if you follow my Instagram and since coming back I had hardly any time to spare. I have a few drafts laying around tho and they are about to be published later today !

So watch out for this !



Bye For Now

My dearest readers,

September is upon us. To me September has always been an exciting month- full of brand new beginnings and fantastic opportunities. September always makes me feel like anything is possible.

Luckily – this entire year has already been so thrilling it feels like a have been living the best and longest September of my life.

However what goes up must come down – lately I have been spending too much time in the fast lane and I’m in need of a bit of a downtime. That’s why I decided to use September to step back a little and deal with issues I have been putting aside for quite a while. And because I never do anything half-heartedly and want to give this Month of Remedy my best I have to make sure I won’t get distracted half way thru. And the biggest distraction of them all -at least for me- is social media. So I’m gonna go off the radar for while where social media is involved.

Don’t despair! I’ll be back !! I’ll still be taking pictures and writing postst -because as I once said that’s what I do to keep sane- I just won’t be publishing for some time.

Ok everybody – see you in month, try not to miss me too much !

Hope you all have a great September!