Who’s rambling?


Hope you are enjoying the rambling 🙂

My name is  Gabs/ Gabby/ Gabri/ any other alternation of “Gabriela” you can come up with- apart from the actual “Gabriela”,which I really do not respond to- but you probably already know that from my posts. Some time ago I had this crazy idea to turn my life around and move to the Middle East to get some sun. Oh yeah – and to work as a cabin crew for an amazing airline too. I like to talk a lot. A LOT. At times when I have nobody to talk to I blog. And that’s when you – my dear readers- come in !

I’m Czech altho I’m often told I don’t sound,look or behave Czech (if there is a way to sound,look or behave Czech then I must have missed the memo). I’m 21 and have been so for a few years now and feel like I may still have a couple to go. I like being 21.

I’m also told I’m very opinionated “in a good way”. I don’t know about the “in a good way” but it is generally true. In Czech my surname loosely translates as “Always Right” and you can imagine that growing up with a surname like this wasn’t an easy task. Somewhere in my teens I decided to stop fighting it and gave in- I embraced the fact that I’m always right and life has been a breeze since then.  I’m a natural redhead,which for some reason seems to be “my thing”. You know “the thing” that people tend to remember or introduce you by ?(“This is Gabby and that’s her natural hair colour” or “Sure you remember Gabs- it’s that redhead”) .

So much for what other people always seem to want to know about me. As for what I would like you to know about myself – the person I see every morning when I brush my teeth is somebody who is immensely grateful for everything she ‘s got and counts her blessings whenever she starts feeling blue- which is very rarely . My life is a never-ending pursuit of happiness. Feeling happy is something I’m hooked on and will never get enough of.

There is very little I don’t write about and that’s because I’m either legally or emotionally obliged not to. If there is something I have not mentioned but y’all are just dying to know then let me hear it!

Keep on reading x


24 thoughts on “Who’s rambling?

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  2. Hello Gabriela! Great blog you have here! We were wondering if we can feature you for an Interview on our website. We’d love to hear your thoughts on life as a cabin crew and share them with our readers! Hope you can send us a message. We’ll reply as soon as we can! – Was trying to find a “Contact” page but failed, so we thought of leaving a comment. 🙂

  3. Your blog is amazing I literally can’t get enough! I’m starting with the airline and moving to dubai on March 14 and reading your blog has made me even more excited than I already am (if that’s possible!) can’t wait to see what happens next

  4. You have this amazing blog. And I wanted to ask you for which flight do you work. Your life sounds really interesting , do you practise secret too? Well at the end just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful. Keep smiling. Keep writing. 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Nishita! Thank you so much what an amazing comment! I’m sorry I can’t really disclose what airline I work for but it’s an international one and it’s based in Dubai I’m sure its easy to work it out like that:) Yes- I do practise the secret have been for a couple of yeas now- it has turned my life upside down and I haven’t looked back since… x

      • Well Thank you. 🙂 I’ll surely workout the airlines you work for. I actually love travelling and I believe it is necessary to live . I’ve been practising secret and power too and its unbelievable how it changes your life so fast.
        Attraction of opitismistic thoughts. Keep forever smiling. I love your smile ❤

  5. Hey, im salmafrom morocco 20 , i have a middle food allergy i wan to ask you if it is fine with emirates do you think that they will accept me as a cabin crew and thanks

  6. Gabby, do you know Touria who is also a flight attendant for Emirates? I met her the other day on one a flight and she was excellent

    • Hi Jon, Im sorry there is 20 thousand of us… impossible to know everyone or remember all the crew I have ever flown with…. 🙂 But I m glad u had a great experience 🙂

  7. Ahooj!
    Zrovna jsem nasla tvuj blog .. Chci taky zkusit emirates tak snad to klapne. Jak dlouho uz letas? 2 roky nebo tak? A kdes byla na pohovoru? A porad se ti tam libi ze jo 😊

  8. Hi Gaby!
    I work for a startup working for an for cabin crew. I would love to feature you in one of our blogs for Crew to Follow. Please let me know what’s the best way to get in touch with you.

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