The Most Amazing Roster YET !

This is gonna be a short and sweet one… I just have to share with you some of the joy that has been filling my days since the new roster came out.

I was hoping and also bidding for some European flights to soak up the Crimbo atmosphere a little and maybe get a chance to catch up with my friends scattered around the continent. Still-given my previous “success” with bidding I wasn’t expecting much. But I have to say Christmas came early this year and I got the most amazing present from my Airline – the best Roster yet! 

I will be starting off the last month of this fantastic year in possibly the best place one would want to be at this time – NYC !! And that’s not all – since what goes up must come down I will be finishing December in the very same city. Yes- that’s right. NYE in NYC – I just looooooove saying it over and over !!!

There will be no turning around anywhere for Gabby in December – instead I will celebrate Xmas under the Eiffel Tower in Paris with my beautiful sister, who is flying out there just for the night to keep me company- how sweet is that?!

I would be over the moon just for these three flight – but The Airline has decided to be super generous and send me to Manchester just in time to hit John Lewis for some last-minute Xmas purchases and. Then a quick trip Down Under and to the land of Gangam Style and that’s it. Life just couldn’t better if you ask me ❤

Lots of love and hugs



Lots of love and kisses

Lots of love and kisses

Busy busy busy….

Ok I admit to it… I have been such a crappy blogger these last couple of weeks! The thing is I’m a perfectionist and rather than posting something short and rushed I will risk losing your attention for a while and then surprise you with a long and accomplished post. And such posts require time. And time is something I haven’t had a lot of lately.

I’m currently in Prague, spending the last few days of my vacation with my sister. “Another vacation?” I hear you say? Well- rest assured this holiday has been all but relaxing. I have pretty much not stopped until this morning. It’s been mad ten days full of spinning around seeing old friends and even older family members and travelling up and down the Czech Rep like there was no stopping me. If you think that cabin crew would have enough of travelling from their everyday lives and would want to spend their free time on one spot- well then think again.

The holiday pretty much started the moment I landed back from Manila and signed off from my duty. I had about an hour before the check-in for the Manchester flight, which is where I was headed, was to open. I beat the speed of light by making it back home, repacking, taking a shower and getting to the airport just in time to pass out in front of my gate. I was looking forward to at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep since planes put me to sleep like nothing else does -but alas not this time! I spent the flight starting at the IFE in front of me without really seeing what was going on. As the Boeing reached the runway in Manchester I reached a new level of tiredness previously unknown to me. But since I only had less than 48 hours before I was due to leave for Prague I wasn’t gonna spend my “layover” sleeping was I now? I have enjoyed an awesome weekend in the Peak District- a place that has always been very close to my heart- hiking,shopping, lazying and enjoying plenty of tasty mulled cider  at local Christmas Markets. IMG_6247

Before I knew it – it was time to board yet another plane and head to Germany and then onwards to Czech. The next week or so was spent madly pending from one corner to another trying to ration “quality” time between all members of my massive family.

there always has to be some kind of competition in our family...

there always has to be some kind of competition in our family…

watching my brother's floorball tournament.. yes he is indeed playing a girl...

watching my brother’s floorball tournament.. yes he is indeed playing a girl…

visiting my gran always ends up like this

visiting my gran always ends up like this

I sighed in relief when I left all that “stress” behind and made my way back to Prague to focus on one person only – Holly, who was coming from Belfast to visit the Capitol of Beautiful for the first time. I have tried my best to show her as much as I possibly could in our limited time and I believe I succeeded . I have managed to feed her as much Czech food as she could take. We have drank mulled wine and ate smoked ham. We (over)indulged eating Czech sweets in my favourite caffes around Prague. We walked miles and miles sightseeing. We fed our starving cultural selves in the National Theatre having attended the ultimate pre-Xmas show- The Nutcracker.

In The Theatre

In The Theatre


different type of culture

different type of culture

Ok – this is not the kind of elaborate post I was talking about at the start… But I promise I have a few up my sleeve. There is so much I have been up to that you guys haven’t heard of… yet. For example my numerous trips to Perth. Or flying to my precious Ghana again. And describing my Filippino experience. It’s all underway just stay put :)!


Bye for now




The Tale of Two Girls and One More City

At the end of the last month Dolly and I found ourselves having a few days off together. Rather than wasting it doing our usual sweet nothings in Dubai we decided- very spontaneously – to go on a girly shopping trip to Bangkok. Just like that. Yes – feel free to hate me all you want. This part of my job is so insanely cool ! We have booked our stand-by tickets online, packed a few bits and pieces and headed for the airport. All within a matter of one afternoon.

Our Airline flies to Bangkok pretty much every 5 hours and we were therefore lucky enough to get our pick on the most comfortable flight (most comfortable meaning the one with the least paying passengers on it meaning more space for us non-paying passengers to spread over 4 seats and sleep).

We landed in Bangkok late at night , checked into our hotel and went straight to bed (well that’s a lie actually I skipped the part when we ventured out to find the nearest 7/11 to get the compulsory bubble tea. You know what they say “When in Asia drink as much bubble tea as you can get your hands on”). We had a big day ahead of us. We got up nice and early and made our way to the spa we looked up before leaving Dubs and booked ourselves in for a day full of pampering. Sauna, body scrubs, massages and much much more… All super cheap and super professional. Samsara Wellness definitely got our seal of approval ! I even left with a bag full of goodies such as organic coconut oil, pineapple vinegar and some organic ointments.

And after the relaxing couple of hours in the spa it was time to get down to business. Aka The MBK. The massive shopping centre where -among others – people go to get all those not-so-real designer handbags, watches, shoes, clothes etc. We spent the entire afternoon fussing over purses and wallets and had to reminded to leave since the mall was about to close. It was decided then that we absolutely HAVE to come back the next day since our thirst for shopping has not been quenched yet.

Since this was Dolly’s first time to Bangkok or to Thailand in general it has been agreed to we should also do some turist-ey stuff. I let her decide what she wanted to see and only prayed it wouldn’t involve any Buddhas. After having backpacked in Thailand couple of years ago and having been in and out of Asia in my first couple of months of flying I felt like I have seen enough Buddhas for at least two life times. Thankfully my gurl wanted to do a boat trip instead. I was pleasantly surprised since it was once again a side of Bangkok I haven’t seen before. This city just keeps on amazing me. What we didn’t expect was the tour to finish at The Grand Temple which coincidentally is the home to the biggest reclining Buddha in Thailand. Now I can safely say I have seen Buddha to do everything. Sit, stand, lie down, dance, smile, sleep and recline. Oh – and laugh.485521_10201575075871050_1009096869_n

The Grand Temple is called “grand” for a reason. One could easily spend a whole day walking around. But Dolly once again proved why exactly is she one of my best friends by saing after mere 40 mins “Okay, enough culture, let’s go shopping!”. And off we were to the kind of temple that’s much closer to my spoiled consumer’s heart.

Shopping in Thailand is always easier when armed with a bubble tea or two. So we searched the of whole of MBK to find one stand at last. The lady serving us looked like the last thing she wanted in life was to get any business. After a very long international conversation she finally decided to understand what we were after (strangely enough bubble tea was THE ONLY thing she was selling so her confusion was quite… well confusing)  and when we dared to ask for no ice she looked at us disgusted and said one thing that will forever score Number One on my Top chart of Misunderstandings:

“No ice? We don’t have!” Whilst adding some extra ice cubes to our drinks.

All that was left for us was to laugh. The rest of the day was delightful! I left with my brand new wallet much lighter and my shopping bags much fuller. You can rest assured that my winter wardrobe has been all taken care of here in Bangkok…

There was one more place I wanted Dolly to see before we left. The infamous Khao San Road. I remembered it be wild and shocking. But perhaps we were too early in the night. Or too late. Or maybe I have seen wilder and more shocking since. Because this time the KSR seemed calm and civilised. We considered watching a ping pong show but in end rather opted for yet another massage, a little more shopping and some Thai curry.1378077_10201575102271710_1529465280_n

All of our Thai cravings have been fully satisfied and we left Bangkok relaxed and totally shopped out. The nest city break we have panned is Pre-Xmas Prague in two weeks. Watch this space of more mis-adventure and tales of the two girls:)




The Fame Game

Well the birthday posts just keep on rolling don’t they? Lately I have been crazy busy flying left and right and up and down on the map of the world so I very irresponsibly missed The Big Date. The date that my little baby blog turned 1 year old. I know right? Times flies … just like me I guess.

And the best b-day gift my blog could have ever wished for came from this awesome website that’s all about the cabin crew lifestyle and stuff. Imagine my excitement when I received an email couple of weeks back asking me to do a feature interview with them! Holly sh*t I thought – I’m getting famous !! Well – you all know what I mean… right?

I’d like to express my endless gratitude for this amazing opportunity to share some of my “wisdom” with a wider audience. I hope some of my answers helped somebody out there hoping to become one of us crazy people that know the super secret code behind words like “crosscheck” and “backup” and such:)

If you wanna read the full interview go here.

Thanks again guys for your continuing support, I love y’all !

The 9th November

The 9th of November 17 years ago was- funnily enough- also a Saturday. How do I know that? Because quite simply it is a day I will remember forever. The day my life as I knew it changed. The day the first one of my many brothers was born.

And here is the full story of that memorable weekend:

It is a Friday night and I’m quite excited. My best friend is coming to stay with me and my family at our weekend house in the mountains where we usually spend all of our free time. My parents (and by that I mean my mum and my stepdad) hate the city life so much we sometimes escape there during the week just for the night which I don’t like that much since it means I have to get up super early to make it to school on time. But weekends are cool. Especially now when the winter is in the air and we fire up the stove and sit around in our tiny rustic kitchen overlooking the beautiful landscape. We are even hoping for some snow since the autumn has been particularly cold this year.

My mum is HUGE. She is due any day now and she is the size of a train- seriously I have no idea how big is this baby going to be when it’s out at last. My best friend’s mum insist we all take a picture before leaving (which couple of years later we all realised was the last picture of Hynek inside my mum’s tum). Thanks to my mum’s enormity it takes us ages to pack the car, get out of town and unpack the car. When we eventually get there it’s so late and dark and there is a definite snowy promise hanging in the mountain air. My friend and I are convinced this weekend is gonna be great. Oh – if only we knew!

There is no chance of a hot shower before going to bed ( our weekend house is over 150 years old and has not been equipped with such luxury as central heating or decent plumbing) so we just pile lots of warm clothing on and all head to  our beds. My friend and I stay up for ages talking about guys of course and making silly Xmas plans. I eventually go to sleep dreaming about snow. I love it when it starts snowing.

When we get up it’s still quite early in the morning. All the windows and ground outside is all frosty but alas- still no snow. Lucy – my friend- and me take the advantage of my health conscious mum still being asleep and pig out on a very unhealthy breakfast. Then we just sit around the kitchen table for ages, making sure the fire won’t go out and talking guys (of course- we are 9 what do you expect!?) After an hour or so I notice it is getting quite late for my parents to be still asleep. They are both early risers, especially now with my mum being all pregnant and stuff. We decide to give them a cheeky wake up call and rush to the master bedroom, screaming, yelling and generally making as much noise as possible. We hastily open to door to find an empty and undone bed…

“What the heck!? My mum would never leave a bed without making it up first.” That’s the first thought I have. The second one is ” Where the hell is everybody”. That’s when we notice the car is gone too. Things are starting to make sense. We head back to the kitchen and there it is. The note that none of us even bothered to look at because we both assumed it’s just one of my mum’s countless To-do lists (honestly there are millions of notes everywhere my mum goes -always! She just leaves them everywhere! Sometimes she makes a note not to forget to make a note I swear!).

It says: “We have gone to the hospital!” 

Now this is all happening 17 years ago. Remember that time? Before mobile phones? Before Facebook and Internet everywhere? Hell – before weekend houses even had their own landlines! Luckily this one did… So that’s what we are doing right now. Sat near the landline and waiting for The Call. And it’s not coming !!! I called everybody I could think of – well by that I mean my auntie because her number is the only one I know by heart. And Lucy called her mum. Now we are just waiting for more.

And finally -after what feels like a century – it’s RINGING!! It’s my stepdad “It’s a boy, Gabby! You have a brother! And he is perfect!”.

F*ck! I have a brother! I HAVE A BROTHER – HELL! Somewhere out there there is a tiny little person and it is my BROTHER!

“I’m coming to fetch you, get ready!”

I’m not sure I can. I have been a single child all my life. I have had nine months to get ready for this moment- the moment I meet the little monster who will steal everybody away from me. Especially my mum. It is MY mum you evil little thing I haven’t even seen yet. I hope you are f*cking ugly with at least three moles on your forehead.

That’s pretty much what’s going on thru my head on the way to the hospital. And yet- very deeply inside of me there is a tiny voice that’s quietly humming in excitement.

Ok -here we go- the gates, the hospital reception, the long corridor leading to my mum’s room, the door, the door handle… Holly shit there he is …. !

I have fallen in love for the first time in my life at that moment. He was – he still is- perfect just as my stepdad said. The most beautiful and serene baby I have seen up-to-date. No moles. No crying. Just the massive grey eyes staring deeply into mine.

“Hi! I’m your new brother. You will love me unconditionally and would never want to leave my side. You will dress me up as a doll and put make-up on me and I’d let you do all this without a wink. You will sing for me every night and I will enjoy and demand it even tho we both know you are completely tone-deaf. You will teach me all the bad words and in return your name will be the first I will ever try to pronounce. And 17 years on you will have a blog and on my birthday you will write an uncessarilly long and emotional post about today and I will love it!” is what his eyes said to me that day.

And he was absolutely right.

I have no idea if it snowed that weekend. It could have rained cats and dogs for all I cared. I was completely besotted and beside myself by this tiny human being that was born that Saturday and about to become the bestest brother anyone could ever wish for.


The most recent pic of both of us jogging this summer (and yes- I do have time to take selfies whilst jogging!)

The most recent pic of both of us jogging this summer (and yes- I do have time to take selfies whilst jogging!)

P.S. Coincidentally 9th November is the b-day of one of my dearest Dubai friends- Edel. I wish I could recount the day I have met (and fallen in love with:) him but I will save that for another post, shall I ? Let’s just say it involved a lot of alcohol but strangely it wasn’t being consumed … Happy B-day again Edel my bebe! ❤

yes another selfie- deal with it !

yes another selfie- deal with it !