Cooking myself to sleep

Ever heard of insomnia? Ever had it? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions then welcome to my world and I hope you are enjoying the flight just as much as I am. Not. I don’t know if it’s the flying over different time zones or the excessive drinking of green tea and black coffee or my brain that has been so switched on lately or the combination of it all but I just cannot go to sleep. I mean I do sleep – but it doesn’t feel like sleeping if you get my gist. It feels more like a hard labour getting my eyes closed and forcing myself to pass out… and then “waking up” 20 mins later and going thru it all again. Most of the times I just give up and get up. The first week was harsh. Going from a light sleeper to no sleeper ain’t an easy ride. The second week felt like a joke I was playing on myself. Then the third week of insomnia slowly approached and I figured that “if you can’t fix it Jack you gotta stand it”. And since my glass is always half full (oh my gosh this post IS full of clichés already and I haven’t even finished the first paragraph!) I decided that rather than thinking about the wasted time I could have spent sleeping I’m gonna utilise it to do something productive. Like cooking. And baking. Because counting grams and spoons of sugar and chocolate is so much more fun that counting stupid imaginary sheep jumping over the fence.

And so after long 9 months of avoiding the one place that used to be my haven of peace and creativity back in the UK I stepped inside my Dubai kitchen and had a proper look for the first time. I’m a self-confessed gadget girl and my kitchens were always the place to show for it. Blenders, whisks, shape cutters, coffee machines, tea sets, pasta makers you name it I had it. I even had a special spoon for scooping out honey for heaven’s sake! And now the most elaborate thing I found inside this “kitchen” (yes I couldn’t help it, it deserved the quotation marks) was a box of matches. A very large and cool box but nonetheless still a box. It was time to upgrade.

It only took one trip to IKEA and a rather long visit to the Dubai Mall and my domestic goddess’ needs felt a little more satisfied… At least until I move to an apartment that offers more than 4 square meters of kitchen space. I was all set and ready to kick my insomnia’s butt Gordon Ramsay’s style ! 

The Peabbage salad”

This is the simplest crowd-pleaser salad I have ever invented.

Red cabbage chopped

Two medium pears either chopped or peeled (leave the skins as it adds a little bit extra bite and crunchy taste)plus a lot of white vinegar.

The combo may sounds strange but wait till you try it out. It’s fantastic !

Pear +Cabbage = Peabbage

Pear +Cabbage = Peabbage

“The Secret Agent Cupcakes”

The expiration date of these is about 10 minutes after being served. I made a couple of batches already and none lasted longer than that. And mind you – these are sugar-free, low carb, almost-fat-free cupcakes. Or as I like to put it – eating those pretty much makes you slimmer. You are welcome !

Can of cooked red kidney beans (I know what are you thinking but just trust me on this one!) -blended into a smooth paste with added vanilla flavouring – or any other flavouring you like… 

Darkest chocolate you can find (I always use at least 70%)- melted 

Peanut butter- I know I said these cupcakes are low-fat and peanut butter may not be on the top of the low-fat list. But peanut butter fat is “good fat” so don’t be too scared. Use crunchy, smooth whatever rocks your boat but mind you it should be organic and with no added sugar

Cocoa powder (optional – skip it if you enjoy sweet rather than bitter)

Baking soda

Stevia (optional)

3-4 large eggs 

I don’t do measures I usually just go with my gut feeling on texture and flavour. Mix it all up and bake on 180-200 for about 25-30 mins. As for the frosting I went with low-fat cream cheese with peanut butter and just a splash of a strong coffee shot for smoothness just because all of my creativity was spent on the bean base. However next time I make those I’m playing with an idea of tofu based soya goodness- I’ll let you know when the time comes:)

Hello there Mr. Bean!

Hello there Mr. Bean!

“The Best-Date-of-Your Life-balls”

I’m obsessed with dates at the moment. And there is no better place to be obsessed with dates than in Dubai where they cost near to nothing and are absolutely to die for. I warm you tho- because of the sugary nature of dates this is not a very diet friendly snack. Limit yourself to about two a day. Don’t eat 10 in one sitting like I did.

Palmful of almonds and walnuts (or any other nuts you love) – roasted on a frying pan (don’t be afraid to let them burn a little it adds a nice toasty flavour to the whole thing) and chopped in a blender or just simply with a knife. 

Dates – my favourite kind is Fard but really any kind will do. From my experience the shinier the better. Chop them roughly  in a blender together with some date syrup (or honey or agave syrup all works well)- if you wanna make those balls a little merrier feel free to add some rum or brandy. I tried that once and it was delish.

Mix  the chopped nuts together with the date paste and add some spices of your liking – I choose cinnamon, cocoa and chilli powder. Not necessarily all together. Scoop out the mixture with a spoon and create little balls. Or squares. Or whatever takes your fancy.  Sprinkle some more cinnamon or other coating spices or on a chopping board and get rolling. When you done, put those babies to the ice for a couple of hours if you can last that long:) Enjoy!

the best date I have had in quite a while ...

“The Mangoconut I-Scream-For-More”

This is a shining example of a great recipe that has gone wrong to create something even greater. I meant to make a mango coconut custard cream with some seasonal fruit salad. But because I rarely follow recipes and NEVER look at measures my cream wouldn’t set. Because I was running out of time and patience I stuck the whole thing in the freezer. At the end of the dinner party I was throwing I went back to it to find not only has it set but it also froze to death and voila – it made for an amazing desert after all !

Two large ripe mangoes – they HAVE to be orange NOT yellow, peeled and blended (yes – I blend a lot, it’s the only machine I own at the moment)

Banana – optional, the browner the better. 

1 Can of coconut milk – bring it to boil and add some custard powder. As I said I don’t do measures so … when you taste more custard powder than coconut you have added too much. Wait until it thickens and turn down the heat. 

Let the milk cool down a little and then add the fruit mixture. No need for sugar or any other sweeteners – the mangoes will do all the hard work. Prepare some nice desert bowls or if you don’t have any (like myself) just use wine glasses and espresso cups. Divide the liquid equally, put it in the freezer and forget all about it for a few hours. Garnish with mint leaves and mango cubes

“So-good-So-ya cup of love”

You may have figured I don’t use milk much. As it happens I have been lactose intolerant this whole time without even knowing it. I’m also sugar intolerant but that’s just a life choice more than anything else. Ever since banning milk products out of my life I made it my goal to find suitable replacements for all of my favourite snacks such as yogurt, cheese and above all a nice cup of hot milk with honey before bed.

So here it comes (and this is so good I can’t believe I haven’ tried it earlier) : heat up some soya milk and add a few spoons of date syrup. Wait until the milk turns darker colour and thickens a little bit. Pour into a cup and add some cinnamon. OMG! I may have to have some right now…

… Or get some extra soft tofu. Whisk together with a splash of soya milk and a few scoop of protein powder of your choice. If you need an extra boost in the morning add an espresso shot. Best low-fat, protein-packed , lactose-free yoghurt-like breakfast I have had in a while.



“Panamanian Birds”

“A Spanish bird” is a traditional Czech dish that has despite its name absolutely nothing to do with Spain. Or a bird for that matter. It is usually prepared using beef, bacon, eggs, pickles and sausage (I know -sounds delicious doesn’t it?:) but when you live in a constant soaring heat of 40 degrees and higher none of these ingredients sound very appetising. Still – whenever I cook for my friends I try to introduce a little bit of Czechness into their lives and so I came up with a much lighter and healthier version. And since it has become a popular dish with my dear Panamanian friend I have taken the liberty to not only remake it but also rename it.

Turkey breast

Beef bacon strips


Turnip, swede, beetroot, carrots

Slice the turkey breast into long and thin strips and wrap around a few stalks of asparagus. Season with your favourite spices – I love using cayenne pepper and sea salt, sometimes even a splash of soy sauce (yes- soya again!:). To hold it all nicely together use the bacon strips- would also work with ham or any other kind of cold cut meat. If you would like to make those wraps a little more substantial then add a quarter of a hard-boiled egg next to the asparagus. To give them a bit of shape , fry the “birds” individually in a pan for about a minute on each side .

Peel and roughly chop all the root vegetables and place them into a large baking tray together with a few slices of garlic and some chilli peppers. Add a cup or two of chicken/ vegetable or beef stock. Place the pre-fried birds on the top and cover with a tin foil. Bake on 200 for about 20-30 minutes . Keep on checking and adding the liquid level – the veggies should always be partially submerged. Uncover for the last 5-10 minutes.

pájaros panameñas

pájaros panameñas

“Beef-Me-Up Salad”

I have taken on running. I try to run every day. I started off slowly at 3k-a-day and I’m currently working my way up to 10k. I’m at 6.5k at the moment and it feels pretty damn good ! With so much running one needs to get some proper nutrition too. This salad easy, quick and satisfying – pretty much all you want when in training or in pursuit of eating clean.

1/2 hass avocado




bean sprouts

lean beef steak cutIMG_4108



A Sweet Coincidence

When blogger meets a blogger…

Pinay Flying High

It has always surprised me whenever someone recognizes me because of this blog. Never have I imagined that I will become a bit famous because of what I write on here, it never crossed my mind. However, since I started this site – I have randomly met fans of the blog at least thrice. That’s not too many I know but it means a lot to me. They call me “Pinay” or “Pinay Flying High” during the two times that it happened (in a mall and in Dubai metro) and I was truly humbled by the experience.

This time though, I met not only a fan but a fellow blogger. She recognized me during the flight that I recently took from Dubai to Athens which she was taking too as a cabin crew. I was comfortably sitting there minding my own business when she approached me with a complimentary dessert…

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A Day That Counts

We all have them. The days that seem so pointless it’s like they didn’t even need to happen. The days when the most productive thing you force yourself to do is moving from your bed to the sofa. I call them my “Recharge Days”. I solemnly feel guilty for having one of those every now and then. Because for every Recharge Day there is always a Counter Day. Aka the day that counts as two, as three sometimes even as a whole century of your normal days let along the Recharge Days. I have had many Counter Days in 2013 but I’d like to talk about this one in particular. This is the story of a Counter FriDay 13th September 2013. The day I operated my first ever flight to Prague.

The moment I found out about this duty I decided to make it a surprise and only tell a limited amount of people. One of the hardest decisions I have ever taken because as the date was approaching I found it harder and harder to conceal my excitement when talking to my family and ultimately had to stop talking to them in fear of accidentally dropping a hint.

The night before the flight I hardly slept a wink – I watched the clock slowly move towards my wake up time until I gave up and got ready long before I had to. The 5-hour flight felt like the longest in my life. When we touched down at last I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh- for somebody who has spent the last 7 years globetrotting and trying to move as far away from their homeland as possible feeling so emotional coming back “home” was indeed an experience. Our Captain has observed my pain watching the rest of the crew potter around and taking their sweet time collecting their luggage and what not and has kindly released me to check-in at the hotel well in advance before anybody else. If not for professional image and respect to my uniform I could have kissed him right there.

I was in and out of my hotel room in less than two minutes and rushed to meet one of the most precious people I have ever known- a friend I have met in high school and who has been a huge part of my life ever since, Rudi <3. We talked and talked and talked some more and drunk about 3 litres of coffee -until my jaw hurt from all the talking and heart beat fast from all the coffee. Time flies when you are having fun and especially when you have so much gossip to go thru and next time I looked at my watch I had to go and run  to the train station to pick up my lil step-brother, who had spent the same amount of time on the train to Prague it has taken me to fly over all the way from Dubai. When I spotted him disembarking the train among all the other travellers I realised my plan was coming together exactly as planned and my chest felt really tight and I was out of breath once again. I guess that’s what a complete happiness is all about.

You simply cannot NOT love this person

You simply cannot NOT love this person

And then it was time for the main event of the day – giving my step-sis the shock of her life. She was expecting to see our brother with his fictional Prague (girl)friend and as she has previously shared with me over an email she wasn’t too keen on that being her Friday night plan. What she wasn’t expecting tho was the (girl)friend was to be me. The expression of sheer amazement and disbelief on her face was worth it all- the entire HR process of getting my job, the long and tiring training to get my licence and the endless waiting to get a Prague flight assigned. I would gladly go thru all this a million times over just to see her precious blue eyes filled with tears once again. It was a surprise moment par excellence ! After the initial 10 minutes of talking over each other and laughing and crying we quickly decided what to do with the rest of my layover. And since this was an occasion and we are Czech- we did exactly what all Czechs do on an occasion – we started celebrating. Because “a little party never killed nobody”.


And boy was that one heck of a celebration! We sang, we drunk, we danced and talked of all the important things people talk about when the bottles are empty the clock shows way past anybody’s bedtime. I think at one point we also slept but I can’t be too sure because the next thing I remember is rushing back to the hotel and pushing the limits of the speed of light putting my make-up and uniform on.  And then… then it was time to check out, kiss everybody good-bye, wipe the tears and the not-so-water-proof mascara of my cheeks and head to the airport with my crew. I landed back in Dubai totally exhausted but happier than ever. My job is a blessing that brings me happiness and fills me with pleasure every time I fly. But I already knew that. What I didn’t know but learned that day was that it can also make people I love the most happy and content. And that my dear readers is a feeling you won’t get from no paycheque.



P.S. This post is dedicated to my lil step-bro as a weird way to say “Happy B-day I love you very much”


One Hundred

For several reasons this post is a very special one.

First of all -I’m back from my social media detox. It’s been good- great actually. Just what the doctor ordered. I had taken my time to step back a little and look at all the stuff that needed looking at. Now all is good again. I know I said I’ll be gone for a month. But -truth to be told- I missed you guys too much. And I didn’t see a point in staying away for any longer than necessary. I have been feeling very creative lately and have plenty of drafts to be published so just stay put!

And as for the second.. This is my 100th post on Journey!! Thank you everyone for your continuing support 🙂