August. Airbus. Australia.

Something weird is happening to the time. It passes way too quickly. Is it really August already? I’m sure when I went to sleep last night it was only the beginning of the summer! Has it really been a month already since I graduated? Has it really been a year since I started the initial process of something that’s now my everyday life reality?

August used to be a very bitter sweet month. Back when I was at school I’d have spent July working away in some ridiculously underpaid part-time job and then realised in the middle of the summer that I have had no fun whatsoever and try my best to catch up. But trying to fit two-moths worth of fun into one just never seemed to have worked for me. I’d go back to school every September feeling cheated…

Then I left school and started working full time and that’s when learned the hard way that even one month of fun is better than no month of fun. I still remember the first August I spent leaving for work everyday at 7.30 am and meeting my flatmates at the door coming back from yet another all-nighter. Well – I guess life is about the choices we make…

When I moved away from Czech to the UK August would be the month when all the local pubs start advertising their “Christmas bookings being taken” and Tesco puts sherry and port wines on offer.  And I’m not even joking! If you try to book a table for your Crimbo din-dins in November people laugh at you.

So how about August 2013?! Well – that’s gonna be a month to remember I’m telling you! Not only do I get to fly the Big One (meaning the A380) again after I-don’t-even-recall-how-long but I finally get to experience the chilled out and laid back Australian way of life. Yes ! Yes! Yes! I’m flying to Oz. Not once. Not twice. Three times this month!! Whoop whoop – now who is a very lucky girl?!

Happy happy happy <3

Happy happy happy ❤

With the amount of time spent flying to and resting in Oz each time there is a very little space left on my roster for anything else. I had one very quick layover in Bangladesh that I already informed you about and apart from that I will be once again going to Germany- of course. One would think I’m the only German speaker in the company judging by the amount of flights I get there each month. I’m now however eligible to swap duties and I’m trying my best to do so with the Hamburg flight. I have my heart set on a particular London pairing to get to fly with my dear Dolly. Wish me good luck and steady hand. I’ll be needing it 🙂



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