Call me a Post-Grad

The last week or so has been an absolute whirlwind- since having posted about my recent Malta and Zurich trips I had quite literally no time to spare -not even to check on my little baby-blog.

So what has been going on that kept me so busy are you wondering??!

Well- first of all – I have graduated. As of a few days ago I’m no longer my airline’s  Ab-initio. I’m now a fully qualified employee. Gone are the days of wearing red t-shirts to the college. Gone are the days of batting my eyelashes and making up an excuse for my lack of knowledge. No-no I have been flying on either real or not-so-real planes for over 6 months now and am starting to meet colleagues on board that are much more junior than I.

Having passed my probation means I can start choosing the flights I wanna do and get rid of those that might not be my favourite ones. It also means I can start travelling my own out of the UAE on my days off. And most importantly of course – I can make a full use of the discounted tickets that are now to my avail. That pretty much sums up why I was so eager for the Big day to come. What I wasn’t expecting at all was how nice the actual Graduation day was going to turn out.

It was the first day of Ramadan and we had to get up real early (well- there isn’t really such thing as “real early” in our line of job), get ready and meet up in full uniform to sign in for the ground duty. It was quite emotional seeing everyone from my batch again – we have shared so much in last couple of months and the Graduation day definitely marks an end of an era for all of us. The day has started off with all of us telling flying stories and evaluating the overall experience. We have met couple of important people from the company and the day has slowly progressed towards the main event – the Graduation ceremony.

Each one of us has received a certificate and a hand-shake from our Manager. We have watched a video that was made about our batch, listened to what our customers on board had to say about us and took thousands-possibly even millions- of pictures. Then we had a cake and a cuppa tea and went home to get ready for the not-s0-official graduation of our own that has taken place later that evening in various venues across Dubai.

We are big girls now...

We are big (fly) girls now…





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