Daddy Cool

Dear Daddy,

Do you remember this ? IMG_1865IMG_1866

I have to be honest – I don’t… I however remember that ever since I was this small I always used to think of you as the best man on Earth. You are the most clever, funniest, fastest, biggest simply put the bestest Daddy in the world !

They say that a woman can only truly love once – well in that case you will always be my one true love! I have never met any man that could live up to you! You take such good care of all of us (and there is so so SO many of us!) at all times and never let us feel in need of anything. The reason why I end up doing all the crazy things I do in my life is because I’m rarely scared – because I know that if anything was to go wrong you will always have my back and be there to help me out.

You used to tell me ever so often that “rules are made to be broken” but I know that there is at least one rule you would never break and that’s that “family always comes first”. And we all know that and love you for that. But I love the most- don’t forget !

Everyone who knows me also knows how proud I’m of my Daddy and how very thankful I’m for the life you have provided me with. You have taught me many valuable lessons, taken me to countless beautiful places and given me heaps of more or less helpful advices. I cherish and remember it all!

I know I have not grown up to be a successful professional footballer as you might have liked but I promise I’ll try my best to at least marry one:) Or maybe find that rich sheik as you hinted when we last spoke:)

I love you so very much, have a wonderful birthday my Daddy Cool !

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