My Italian Love Affair

It was nearly six years ago that I bid my farewell to the country of all things pleasurable and left… With the intention of coming back to live there forever. However then my life happened to me and I never did. Come back. Until two days ago.

When we landed and I first set my foot on the italian soil after what felt like a century my mind filled with memories I thought were lost forever and feelings that surprised me with their intensity. My chest felt very tight and eyes started itching. Yes- I admit it. I got a bit emotional. I dodged all the plans the crew were making for the rest of our first evening in Rome and disappeared to walk aimlessly around the hotel area. I thought about the young girl that came here all those years ago, who she was back then, who is she now and about the long detour she has taken to come back at last. I’m not going to lie- I even shed some tears. But they were tears of happiness. Mostly.

I felt so overcome with emotions I decided to call it a night and sleep on it. And luckily enough when I woke the next morning into a bright crisp morning my head was much clearer and focused. I was well rested and ready to once again fall in love with the City of Rome.

The shuttle bus dropped me off right next to Via del Corso and as soon as I got of it I walked into the nearest cafe and ordered myself the only acceptable breakfast there is when in Italy : un bel’caffe e cornetto…

I love you too

I love you too

After that it was time to rediscover all the reasons why I was once so keen to leave my entire life behind and become  an expat in a place that I still consider one of the most beautiful, serene and tempting in the world. I let my heart lead the way and walked down the cobbled streets, stopping every now and then for a slice of pizza, a bite of piadina romana, a lil chat with the locals and of course – countless scoops of the delicious gelato.

I stopped at the Colloseum and allowed its ancient walls and history to wow me all over again as they always did before. I went to the Fontana di Trevi and tossed a coin inside making a wish. I sat on the Spanish steps and watched hundreds of tourists pass by taking pictures. I  admired the street artists and their amazing paintings of the city and spent most of my allowance on art books and retro prints to put up on my walls. IMG_1951IMG_1953IMG_1965IMG_1973IMG_1982IMG_1994

And then my time with my secret italian lover Rome was up and had to go. As I sat in the hotel lobby drinking yet another caffe looking at all the picture I took that day I felt immensely grateful for the life I have – for all the experiences I get to live and relive…

Sometimes nothing goes according to your plans but what I believe is that everything happens for a reason. Be it good or bad. There is a purpose for it all. I may have not ended up living in Rome and living La Dolce Vita as I had wanted to but I was eventually rewarded with another life in another far away country – and honestly I can’t imagine being possibly any happier than I am right now.




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