Happy Day of Love

It was the 1st of May, the day of love…

That’s how one of the most famous Czech poems starts. You won’t find one single Czech person on the planet Earth who hasn’t heard the story  of “May” – the ultimate tragic love story. A story so strong it’s still being discussed all around the country in every literature class, a story that has been made and incorporated into countless films. A story that has become a true part of our national cultural heritage.

To the extend that for us Czechs the true day of love isn’t in February -it’s in May. The 1st of May to be specific. That’s the time of the year when flowers start blooming and trees blossoming. The wind carries a very faint scent of the upcoming summer. People’s noses are burnt by the poisonous strong spring sun and their hearts are filled with all the happy feelings that only the first rays of sunshine after a long and cold winter can bring.

That’s the time of year that K.H. Macha picked as a perfect set to portray all the different shapes and types of human emotions and desires. And it’s the time of the year we have picked to celebrate the most glorious emotion of them all – LOVE!

So to all of you out there wherever you are, whomever you love or desire – I wish you the best day of love you have ever had! Don’t forget love is the only feeling worth dwelling on and being occupied with. I sincerely hope all of you have plenty of people to love and being loved by in your life just like I do. And even if there is no-one special around at the moment there will always be this one amazing person worth all the loving in the world- yourself!

Have a great day of love !



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