To the Equator and Beyond (part II)

Seeing Tanzania on my roster was a moment of sheer happiness. I have always wanted to go to Africa. I just never thought I would for various reasons. I mean I have been to Africa- if you count a week long beach holiday in a Tunisian hotel resort and a turnaround to Cairo as “being in Africa”. Which I don’t. As far as I’m concerned I have never been to Africa before.

In the week coming up to my Dar Es Salaam flight I could hardly keep myself from talking about anything else. It felt like Christmas! No- it actually felt better than Christmas since there was no pre-Christmas shopping stress involved. By the time I was boarding the plane everybody who knew me for longer than 10 mins also already knew that this was my first ever time to go to Africa-Africa (as we called it) and that I was very excited. The crew found me very cute since I was once again the most junior member and most of them have flown to DAR or Africa-Africa before. They thought it was funny how I kept running up and down to the cockpit, checking up on our current location and taking pictures of the African coastline. The flight wasn’t a busy one, customers were lovely and chatty and everybody was having a great time on-board. I wish I could say every single flight goes like this.



As we sat down on our jumpseats for the approach I could no longer contain my excitement and kept looking outside of the observation window on my door. I even shrieked a little as we landed. The passenger sat facing me looked at me and said:

“Let me guess- first time to Africa?”

“Yes”- was my reply.

“Well- you better be careful” he said.

What could he possibly mean by that I wondered. It wasn’t until later I realised he was warning me not to fall in love with this place and wanting to stay. Because that’s exactly what has happened. Everything I saw in Tanzania was amazing. It is such a raw, friendly and absolutely gorgeous place. The people are chilled and never failed to welcome you with their musical “Mambo, Karibu!” and massive smiles on their faces. I was sold on Tanzania the moment I passed the immigration desk.

First picture of my first Africa-Africa

First picture of my first Africa-Africa

My amazing crew

My amazing crew

IMG_1804 IMG_1808

so much beauty in one place

so much beauty in one place

local street artist

local street artist

taking pictures of people taking pictures of people

taking pictures of people taking pictures of people

A group of us keen to see as much as we can fit into 24 hours booked a tour around the city for the next early morning (6a.m wake up is called a dedication!) and spent the rest of the evening chilling by the hotel pool, chatting to the friendly personnel and stuffing our faces (ok to be honest the stuffing was mostly done on my part but I couldn’t help it -the food was to die for!) at the dinner buffet. I went to sleep that night wishing it was morning already.

It came quicker than expected and before I knew it I was being squeezed into a mini-van and driven around the great Dar es Salaam. Thanks to our experienced tour guide we managed to see everything there was to be seen in our limited time- the churches, the botanical gardens with monkeys running freely around, the presidential house, the beaches, cliffs and shores, the local markets and the omni present crazy traffic.

I came back to Dubai refreshed as if coming back from holiday and not a 5-hour flight. And my list of favourite places on Earth has once again grown a little…

So long my dear readers -I’m off to Morocco in the early hours of tomorrow and should rest a little !



To the Equator and Beyond (part I)

May has turned out to be the month that has taught me what the cabin crew life is really all about. With all its ups and downs. I have spent good three weeks turning around India and Pakistan and coming back to Dubai for just the minimum required rest that pretty much only allowed enough time to wash my uniform, get some sleep and head to the airport again. It’s not as much fun as it sounds. Although there are some advantages of being able to sleep in your own bed every night(day), work out in your gym and make plans with friends that are UAE based.

However – as my first layover of the month approached I couldn’t help but feel relieved and excited. I had no idea what to expect from my 24 hours in Sri Lanka apart from drinking their famous tea. But I have long ago given up on trying to make plans beforehand.

Well- I was too damn right about the tea. It’s delicious!! The Earl Grey quite literally changed my life! Not to mention the Masala Chai…! I have since developed a brand new morning routine of having a very strong turkish coffee (or a shot of crude oil as some people oblivious to all things good call it) AND a cuppa black tea- otherwise I can’t function properly. I don’t think my body is able to recognise caffeine and theine as stimulants anymore. It has become a pure necessity.



Colombo – or at least what I saw of it- is wonderful. Full of colours, smells and cars. And food – oh the food! Don’t even get me started! As I walked the dusty streets, snapping pictures of the local life and trying to take it all in I have noticed I was raising quite a bit of attention. I guess the locals are not quite used to redheads- some of them even looked like they have never seen auburn hair before judging by their surprised faces and gestures towards my head. At first I found it amusing but after some time I became a bit too self conscious and wished I could get some peace and quiet. And because lately all of my wishes have the wonderful habit of coming true- I did…

Sri Lanka is ranked as 3rd most religious country in the wolrd. More than 70% of the population are Buddhists and about 8% declare themselves as Christians. Then there are also Muslims and Hindis. All living peacefully side by side. I come from a country that’s arguably the least religious in the world. In the last census more than 40% of Czech un-declared their religious views, 34% declared to be non-religious and about 15.000 people have chosen Jedi Knights as their religious beliefs. 15k may not sound as much -however i did make it a whole 0.14% of the population – and that’s in a society whose’s strongest religion- Roman Catholicism- reaches only mere 10%.

My religious views are very typically Czech. I like to believe that there is a Force or a Purpose to life but I choose not to name that force. Still – I find different religions intriguing. I love letting people talk about their God to me. It’s always a pleasure to listen to somebody who believes. To watch them pray. Or even just to observe how they practise their religion in everyday life. Sometimes I wonder if one day when I come across the right one I will choose a religion of my own…

So as I was saying… I was wishing for a quiet place to reflect upon Sri Lanka when I randomly took a wrong turn and found myself at a gate of a beautiful shrine. I decided to give it a go and entered… and was immediately overwhelmed by the spirituality of the whole place. It was so serene it felt as if the time has stopped here ages ago and nothing outside of its walls matter anymore. It was a vast complex of gardens and chapels and I walked alongside a grassy path following the arrows that took me thru sculptured Last Journey of Christ. IMG_2058

It was beautiful. I felt so calm and uplifted no hair-pointing or whistling in the world could have taken me down from there on. One would have thought that was enough sacredness for one day but no – as I got back to the crew hotel a wedding party was just about to start their reception. I gather it must have been a Hindu wedding since all the women were wearing their wonderful saris. I watched them from a afar for a while and then approached the bride and asked nicely whether I could take a picture. It must have been a massive honour to be asked that because everybody looked very pleased with themselves..IMG_1707

I politely declined the invite to the wedding, then listened to the whole love story of the couple narrated by one of the mothers-in-law and finally retired to my room an hour later.

I had absolutely no expectations of my Sri Lankan layover but they got exceeded regardless. Sri Lanka rocked.



Daddy Cool

Dear Daddy,

Do you remember this ? IMG_1865IMG_1866

I have to be honest – I don’t… I however remember that ever since I was this small I always used to think of you as the best man on Earth. You are the most clever, funniest, fastest, biggest simply put the bestest Daddy in the world !

They say that a woman can only truly love once – well in that case you will always be my one true love! I have never met any man that could live up to you! You take such good care of all of us (and there is so so SO many of us!) at all times and never let us feel in need of anything. The reason why I end up doing all the crazy things I do in my life is because I’m rarely scared – because I know that if anything was to go wrong you will always have my back and be there to help me out.

You used to tell me ever so often that “rules are made to be broken” but I know that there is at least one rule you would never break and that’s that “family always comes first”. And we all know that and love you for that. But I love the most- don’t forget !

Everyone who knows me also knows how proud I’m of my Daddy and how very thankful I’m for the life you have provided me with. You have taught me many valuable lessons, taken me to countless beautiful places and given me heaps of more or less helpful advices. I cherish and remember it all!

I know I have not grown up to be a successful professional footballer as you might have liked but I promise I’ll try my best to at least marry one:) Or maybe find that rich sheik as you hinted when we last spoke:)

I love you so very much, have a wonderful birthday my Daddy Cool !

My Italian Love Affair

It was nearly six years ago that I bid my farewell to the country of all things pleasurable and left… With the intention of coming back to live there forever. However then my life happened to me and I never did. Come back. Until two days ago.

When we landed and I first set my foot on the italian soil after what felt like a century my mind filled with memories I thought were lost forever and feelings that surprised me with their intensity. My chest felt very tight and eyes started itching. Yes- I admit it. I got a bit emotional. I dodged all the plans the crew were making for the rest of our first evening in Rome and disappeared to walk aimlessly around the hotel area. I thought about the young girl that came here all those years ago, who she was back then, who is she now and about the long detour she has taken to come back at last. I’m not going to lie- I even shed some tears. But they were tears of happiness. Mostly.

I felt so overcome with emotions I decided to call it a night and sleep on it. And luckily enough when I woke the next morning into a bright crisp morning my head was much clearer and focused. I was well rested and ready to once again fall in love with the City of Rome.

The shuttle bus dropped me off right next to Via del Corso and as soon as I got of it I walked into the nearest cafe and ordered myself the only acceptable breakfast there is when in Italy : un bel’caffe e cornetto…

I love you too

I love you too

After that it was time to rediscover all the reasons why I was once so keen to leave my entire life behind and become  an expat in a place that I still consider one of the most beautiful, serene and tempting in the world. I let my heart lead the way and walked down the cobbled streets, stopping every now and then for a slice of pizza, a bite of piadina romana, a lil chat with the locals and of course – countless scoops of the delicious gelato.

I stopped at the Colloseum and allowed its ancient walls and history to wow me all over again as they always did before. I went to the Fontana di Trevi and tossed a coin inside making a wish. I sat on the Spanish steps and watched hundreds of tourists pass by taking pictures. I  admired the street artists and their amazing paintings of the city and spent most of my allowance on art books and retro prints to put up on my walls. IMG_1951IMG_1953IMG_1965IMG_1973IMG_1982IMG_1994

And then my time with my secret italian lover Rome was up and had to go. As I sat in the hotel lobby drinking yet another caffe looking at all the picture I took that day I felt immensely grateful for the life I have – for all the experiences I get to live and relive…

Sometimes nothing goes according to your plans but what I believe is that everything happens for a reason. Be it good or bad. There is a purpose for it all. I may have not ended up living in Rome and living La Dolce Vita as I had wanted to but I was eventually rewarded with another life in another far away country – and honestly I can’t imagine being possibly any happier than I am right now.




“What’s your favourite rainbow colour?”

So here is the thing… Have you ever noticed how your favourite colour seemed to reflect whatever it is you are missing or craving in your life? Let me explain!

Before I moved out here to Dubai my favourite colour would always have been bright blue. I never even gave it a second thought. Whenever faced with a choice -blue would be the one colour I’d go for. However I have since noticed a growing trend in my room, wardrobe and even everywhere else around me. I’m turning green!


It has only occurred to me a couple of days when I was shopping for a pair of skates and automatically asked the shopkeeper “Have you got those in green by any chance?” Then I stopped for a moment and said “I meant blue.” and then “No actually sorry – I did mean green”. (nevermind my mental torment they had neither). When I looked at my reflection in the shop display I realised I was wearing a green dress and sipping a green tea smoothie. My brain – deprived of acres and acres of fresh greenery it was used to in the UK- must have found its own way to substitute.

I got back home happy with my amazing purchase of a brand new pair of roller blades, opened the door to my room and that’s when it fully hit me. A few weeks ago I went to Ikea and without even realising I bought a green rug, green bedding, green shower curtain and heaps of other green decorations. I turned my appartment into a forrest! That realisation got me thinking…  Maybe my obsession with blue was just a way to make up for the absence of blue skies in England? Now I wake up to sunny bright mornings every day but all I see out of my window is  the endless Sheik Zayed Road surrounded by dozens of skyscrapers and sand… lots of it. Luckily I have my amazing job that takes me places. Places that are blue, green, blue&green and yellow and red,  purple even. Simply put I can fly thru the whole rainbow spectrum within a week.

Bright Blue in KL

Bright Blue in KL

Even more blue in Africa

Even more blue in Africa

Yellow in Sri Lanka

Yellow in Sri Lanka

Green in AD

Green in AD

Blue, yellow and green in Tanzania

Blue, yellow and green in Tanzania

Red in AD

Red in AD

Besides my changing from a Smurfin to the Green Goblin I have also noticed I developed a brand new liking for all things black. Must be the complete lack of truly dark nights in Dubai, the city that seemingly has no need for saving energy and therefore switching off lights. Ever.

So what’s your favourite rainbow colour and what is it you crave in your life? 🙂




High On Life

Well hello everyone!

Is there anybody still out there? Sorry for the slacking I know I have been a crappy blog mum lately. However I have just parked myself  at my favourite table in my beloved cafe here in Dubai with the intention of spending the next couple of hours updating you on my mischiefs and life in general! If you feel like you just can’t wait any longer feel free to follow me on Twitter: @czechrambler or check out my Instagram : gabbypra.

Hang in there!

Love y’all !



lots of love from your chatty stewardess <3

lots of love from your chatty stewardess ❤

Liebst du Liebster?

Ever heard of the Liebster Award ? No neither have I… I guess I’m not such a social media addict as I claim to be (after all I only joined Twitter last night believe it or not. See I’m a woman of many words and simply cannot deal with being anyhow limited. I still remember how painful it used to be back in the days when a single text costed about £1 and had 160 characters including spacing (!) AndThenUEndUpHavingToDoThisToSaveSMSpaceAndEvnThsNInDEndNthgMadeSenseNMore…).

Remember this?

Remember this?

But anyway back to The Liebster Award. So basically a Liebster Award nomination is something you receive from a fellow blogger and last night I got very luck and received mine from a travel/foodie blogger par excellence Pinay Flying High. I’m honoured. And flattered. And a bit full of myself. As you do… See before I was a blogger (yes there was a life before blogging) I was a blog-reader and quite a ferocious one too. And Noemi’s blog was my favourite one. Then I got myself a blog and started “following” her. And then she started “following” me (and yes-I do realise how weird this makes me sound). And now I got this nomination thing from her. It’s all very unreal and strangely satisfying in a way. So Noemi or Pinay- whatever you prefer to be called in this amazing virtual world of bloggers- this is my very clumsy way of saying Salamat/ Thank you/ Dekuju !

Since we live in an arguably civilised society that just loves rules and laws for absolutely everything (recently I found out there are rules to what I’m allowed to wear on my way to the gym but more on that later), there are of course rules and laws to accepting the Liebster Nomination. And since I’m a law abiding rule obsessed blogger I’m gonna follow them :

Rule 1

You do not talk about the Fight club. Oops sorry- different set of rules. Right so the first rule says I should share 11 random facts about myself and my life. You guys ready for this? Here we go :

1. I think orange is a hideous colour on anything that’s not a piece of fruit

2. My goal in life is to become filthy rich and drive an Aston Martin to work, then a Lambo in the evenings and a Ferrari as a Sunday car. Feel free to call me a material girl.

3. I’m fluent in 4 languages (Czech, English, German and Italian) and trying to improve on my 5th one (Swedish) as we speak. In 5  years I’d like to be able to add Spanish and Arabic to the list. Some people collect stamps. I collect words.

4. If I could go back in time I’d tell the 21-year-old myself not to drink that huge bottle of gin in one sitting because it did make me sick as a dog and spoiled GT for me for the rest of my life (I went thru a phase of not being able to even smell gin without being physically sick afterwards).

5. I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding and his future mother-in-law has introduced herself to me during the ceremony  and very discreetly whispered into my ear : “So did you two used to be lovers or something ?”

6. I love opera. My favourite one is La Traviatta closely followed by La Boheme. 

7. I’m fascinated by long train journeys and cruise ships. One of the items on my Bucket List include taking the Orient Express and the Glacier Express. And when I retire the first thing I’m doing is booking a cruise on Nile.

8. I only regretted leaving uni twice. First time was when I couldn’t renew my student’s discount card. Second when I had to pay taxes on my earnings. Now I live in tax-free Dubai and hold a Face card. Life is perfect. 

9. I choose to study Philosophy at uni. If you go back to point 2 and point 8 you may figure out why I never graduated. 

10. I’m a huge fan of grand gestures and dramatic scenes. Hence point 6.

11. Not everything I say is always totally true. I think people call it “white lies”.

Rule 2

Now I have to answer questions that were given to me.

“Do you believe in luck?”

  • I believe in feeling lucky. Believing in luck is an extension of believing that good things will happen to you if you want them to – which I do. So yes- I believe in good luck. 

“If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and what would you eat?”

  • I’d go to a tiny little valley located in the Northeast of the Czech Rep., knock on the door of one of the many places I call home right now and eat my mum’s amazing potato dumpling filled with bacon and sour kraut. 

“The world is going to end in 10 seconds, who will you call and what 5 words will you say to them?”

  • Crew scheduling. Won’t make it to work.

“Where did you spend you best vacation?”

  • Every vaca is the best vaca!

“You have 1 million US dollars and have only 24 hours to spend it, what will you buy?”

  • The cheapest tropical island I can find.

“If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?”

  • If happiness was a currency I’m already a billionaire!

“What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?”

  • Working out and looking after/out for myself.

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

  • As old as the man I’m feeling? Is that how the saying goes?:)

“What’s something you know you do differently than most people?”

  • Think. Not that other people don’t think. I just do it differently.

“If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?”

  • I’m ok here for now thank you.

“Why did you not choose the Philippines on the question before this?”

  • Well maybe I will next time I get asked.

Rule 3

Create the next 11 questions for your own nominees.

  1. What/Who has inspired you to blog in the first place?
  2. The wildest thing you have NOT done?
  3. Can you keep a secret?
  4. Why not?
  5. What’s your favourite fairy tale and why?
  6. If you could be anyone else who would you choose to be?
  7. Cats or dogs?
  8. What the hell has happened to”How I met your mother”?
  9. The first song you have ever purchased on your ITunes?
  10. What’s the meaning of life?
  11. The one single thing you love about yourself and would never change?

Rule 4

Pick your nominees. Mine are *drumroll please* :

Fly Guy




Rule 5

Let your nominees know (check) and thank the person who has nominated you (check).


Also- liebt ihr Liebster? Ich liebe euch!



Lovely Lazy Layinners

I think we can all agree that there must be a damn good reason for somebody to make a career choice that -when at work- involves spending 95% of one’s time having to explain to more than 400 people why their meal choice is no longer available and remain calm and composed whilst doing so.


Agreed? Yes? Well I’m glad we are all on the same page. Yes there is – a whole sack of reasons actually. Starting with the remaining 5% of time spent on board chatting to colleagues in the passanger-free oasis also known as the cockpit and devouring all the left over business class food and freshly squeezed juices. And ending with landing in a far-away destination, checking in into a 5 star hotel and being handed an envelope with your spending money aka The Layovers.

As I have come to know lately there are different types of Layovers. There is The Party Layovers , The Shopping Paradise Layovers, The Lets Go to the Beach Layovers, The Must See Sightseeing Layovers, The Not Much to Do Layovers and The Depends on the Rest of the Crew Layovers. And then there is a type that I have invented – the Layinners.

It’s pretty self-explanatory so just for the slower ones. A Layinner is a type of a Layover that requires a vast amount of self discipline- under no circumstances must one leave the hotel room or the hotel complex and only the amount of energy that’s absolutely necessary for survival is allowed to be spent. Hard work I’m telling you.

I have so far only managed to turn two of my Layovers into Layinners (one has to be truly super dedicated to the cause!). First one was the infamous asian party destination Kuala Lumpur. I know … I know … I know there is so so so so much more to see and do in KL than just eating some nice street food, checking out the Petronas Towers (which btw just between the two of us after having lived or been to Dubai is not such a big deal) and heading back to the hotel. I know. And I swear to all that’s dear to me I was gonna see and do it all. But then I woke up the next day, looked outside of the window, saw a tropical storm or whatever they call it over there, looked at my comfy bed, draw my curtains back together and fell asleep for the longest time in absolute ages. When I eventually woke up again and looked outside nothing has changed (as I found out later it has, the weather has actually changed to sunny spells but then changed to rain again). With a few hours to spare till my wake up call I lazily reached for the phone, ordered my breakfast and turned on the TV. And it was as if The Gods of Layinners wanted me to stay in bed because The X-men followed by The Avengers were on. I boarded the plane back happy and relaxed with an open promise that if ever back in KL I’d make the effort to actually go past the hotel sign …IMG_1548 IMG_1551



Random Ramble about Blogging

My little baby blog is just wee bit over 7 months old now.  And as probably every mother even I’m completely besotted by my fast growing toddler. I have never expected it to get so popular (22k hits-wow- that IS really big!)but that obviously doesn’t make me appreciate it any less. I’d like to thank every single person that has ever visited/commented or liked my website either on purpose or by a pure chance- for you it may have been just a tiny mouse click for me it is a massive ego boost !

As I’m currently spending my precious days off in bed with gastritis I have had plenty of time to have a proper look at my blog’s statistics. I found some of them interesting, some of them inexplicable and some of them pure amusing and that’s why I decided to share them with you:

Most popular photo :

Must be all Ryan's doing

Must be all Ryan’s doing

And the runner up:

Is it the red t-shirt or something?

Is it the red t-shirt or something?

3 most popular posts :

The Cloud Atlas – I guess people are probably searching for a decent review and stumble across my ramble..

Who’s rambling – funnily enough I never thought anyone would bother with this one…

The Dubai Life – thanks heaven – that video took me ages to make 🙂

my top readers come from :

United Kingdom (well that’s just a heart thing I’d have not expected any less from my lovely Britons!)

United States (all the Americans I know live outside the States so I’m so incredibly flattered by the interest)

Germany (here comes the big surprise!)

Czech Republic (4th place c’mon my people man up!)


United Arab Emirates (only came into the picture once I moved here but my “fan base” is being established very quickly)

but I also have readers in places I have either never heard of before or would have never imagined to be my target audience- so my very warm welcome and a big thank you goes to :

Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago, officially the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is an archipelagic state in the southern Caribbean, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles)

Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean)

Iceland (Iceland is a Nordic European island country situated at the confluence of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

French Guiana (French Guiana is an overseas region of France on the north Atlantic coast of South America)

Lebanon (Lebanon, officially the Lebanese Republic, is a country in the East Mediterranean. It is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south)

Oman (Oman, officially called the Sultanate of Oman, is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf)

Journey of Mine had over 1000 hits just from these 6 countries alone which is quite incredible – I even had to look some of them up just to stop feeling so guilty and stupid. It makes so proud to think that my words travel so far much further than my mind ever has as it turns out!

5 most random reasons why people look up my blog :

why do cabin crew have too much sex”

  • I kid you not! I literally laughed out loud when I read that one. First of all : what does “too much sex” even mean? And second of all … no there is no second actually. Well – in answer to you your question whoever you are- I guess it could be because cabin crew fly with different people to different corners of the world every day of their lives. Most of them will never ever see each other again. Unless they really try to. Which they usually don’t. 

“is it posible to get a taxi from miracle garden dubai?”

  • No. A big no-no. To any taxi rides to anywhere in Dubai. For more info on that click here.

“tomorrow can become eternal if this moment is not enjoyed love live fly love some more!”

  • I have read this one over and over for more than 10 times… Still no idea…

“thank you for giving me a handsome baby”

  • You are welcome. I hope you found what you were looking for on this blog…

“not everything in a cabin crew lifes is happiness also sadness topics”(sic)

  • Honestly people search for the weirdest s8 on the internet.


So once again – thank you everyone for reading! I will never stop blogging or writing in some sort of form. Rambling is my way of life- it’s my way to relax, convey feelings, make up my mind and reflect. In short my blog is my therapist. So even if there were no readers posts will still be appearing. But let me assure you – it is so much more fun to know and see that you guys are out there and seemingly enjoy it.

Love y’all



P.S. Since you seem to love pictures of Ryan and I so much here is a more recent one:

Cinco Del Mayo celebration in Dubz

Cinco Del Mayo celebration in Dubz

Happy Day of Love

It was the 1st of May, the day of love…

That’s how one of the most famous Czech poems starts. You won’t find one single Czech person on the planet Earth who hasn’t heard the story  of “May” – the ultimate tragic love story. A story so strong it’s still being discussed all around the country in every literature class, a story that has been made and incorporated into countless films. A story that has become a true part of our national cultural heritage.

To the extend that for us Czechs the true day of love isn’t in February -it’s in May. The 1st of May to be specific. That’s the time of the year when flowers start blooming and trees blossoming. The wind carries a very faint scent of the upcoming summer. People’s noses are burnt by the poisonous strong spring sun and their hearts are filled with all the happy feelings that only the first rays of sunshine after a long and cold winter can bring.

That’s the time of year that K.H. Macha picked as a perfect set to portray all the different shapes and types of human emotions and desires. And it’s the time of the year we have picked to celebrate the most glorious emotion of them all – LOVE!

So to all of you out there wherever you are, whomever you love or desire – I wish you the best day of love you have ever had! Don’t forget love is the only feeling worth dwelling on and being occupied with. I sincerely hope all of you have plenty of people to love and being loved by in your life just like I do. And even if there is no-one special around at the moment there will always be this one amazing person worth all the loving in the world- yourself!

Have a great day of love !