The Princess of Boeing

The day of The New Roster has arrived. The most anticipated day of each month that brings so much, sometimes even too much. I had my secret hopes up for more China, especially Shanghai and its amazing shopping, but alas not in May.

The next Roster is taking me to India and back on almost weekly basis, but not only that. After more than 6 years I’m finally gonna make my big Italian comeback and return to the eternal city of love and tramezzinis -Rome. I’m also lucky enough to get the chance to explore a bit more of the old continent of Africa specifically Tanzania and Morocco.

I’m going to be trotting up and down the aisles of Boeing for second month running since my crush- the heart throb Airbus A380- is playing hard to get. Well- you know what they say- all them good things are worth waiting for!

I have a couple of stories up my sleeves and almost ready for you my dear readers and I’m sure there will be many more to come … but you will have to wait until I get back from London, which is where I’m headed tonight !

Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you do!

Lots of love



That's all I have been seeing of the A380 lately

That’s all I have been seeing of the A380 lately

6 thoughts on “The Princess of Boeing

  1. Finallyy , I have been waiting your Mauritius layover for 3 weeks :))) to see the photos . I ve wrote u a comment on the post where u mention the packing list of the bakess blog, can u please sent it to me, I am not allowed to access her blog .:( I have the DOJ in 3 weeks and I would like to see the list again , I am sure I forget to take something important.

    • Hi Carmen,
      I’m sorry but I cant access that blog either … blimey – 3 weeks is gonna fly by! best of luck and dont worry about packing much- shopping is very good around here, just bring some money,we dont get paid an awful lot the first couple of months

  2. Hi, can you please let me know better: in the first 2 months we get the advance payment and that s all? until we start to fly we don t get paid anymore not even the base salary?

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