I guess they call this a “working holiday” …

Last week I was treated to a little surprise by my best friend of late – The Roster. Couple of “on reserve” days have changed to a few very uneventful stand-by evenings and a few days off and I was left with astonishing 7 days of sun and fun (and most importantly no work or college) in Dubai. Which in normal-life-terms would be my annual summer holiday…

I decided to use that time as an opportunity to explore a bit more of Dubai and go beyond my usual borders of the Sheik Zayed Road. The initial plan was to visit a place called The Miracle Gardens. Yet again tho – that plan did not take into account the very inconsistent competency of the Dubai taxi drivers. See – the success of every trip you make around here comes down to your cabbie. I had my fair share of scary rides (the driver has decided to drive me all the way to Abu Dhabi instead of Deira because he “liked me” as he put it), peculiar rides (taking a taxi every day at the same time going the same direction doesn’t mean you will end up paying the same fare- it can vary from 50%-200% of what you have paid the previous day), funny rides (driver singing along to what I assume must have been his favourite song ever) and believe it or not even completely normal rides (get in, pay, get out). The valuable lesson I have taken from all this is to always do your re-search in Google maps first, then take a picture of the screen (it’s no use to just remember the name of the street/area and try to spell it to the driver), grab a taxi, ask whether of not the driver knows the place you want to get to then a) if he does know re-confirm that by showing him the picture or b)if he doesn’t know then get out as fast a you can and don’t wait up until he calls his dispatcher to have a 30min long conversation and yet still manages to get lost and makes you pay half of the fare anyway. Yes indeed- taking a taxi in Dubai is an adventure on its own.

So anyway as I was saying I was trying to get to the Miracle Gardens, however my taxi driver has decided that today was not the day I was meant to see them and drove me around for good 40 minutes before announcing he doesn’t know where the place was and can’t seem be able to find it (he hasn’t used that many words but I got the gist anyway). As you know my dear readers I have been embracing a new way of life lately and trying to take it as it comes with all its ups and downs. Yet at this particular moment I have completely lost my cool for the first time in ages. I have considered a range of options from trashing the interior of the car to killing the driver but then opted for calmly asking him to stop the car immediately. I got out and screamed of the top of my head. Then got back in and asked him if he knew where Dubai Marina was. He said yes and I honestly didn’t care anymore if that was true or not and told him to take me there. Which -surprisingly- he did. Here is a picture to prove it :

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

A little bit disappointed about not having explored anything new I have chosen to get refreshed in the most exotic looking cafe in the Marina Bay. But that day was just not my lucky day I guess since this restaurant was clearly the winner of this year’s “Worst Product& Customer Service” contest. Upon asking what the Iranian tea tasted like I was told “it’s of course delicious m’am, it’s Iranian” which unfortunately wasn’t the kind of an answer I was after. When I tried to find out a bit more I got an eye roll and a sharp ” it tastes like tea m’am”. I probably should have left then but I decided to beat my bad luck and try to turn it around and stay. Plus I was a bit intrigued by this tea I have to say. It wasn’t delicious. It was alright. The Iranian ice cream wasn’t delicious either. It was edible and I’m being generous here.

The "delicious" Iranian tea

The “delicious” Iranian tea

The weird ice cream (you can choose what flavour you want by pouring a syrup over it)

The weird ice cream (you can choose what flavour you want by pouring a syrup over it)

I gave up on that day, went back home and watched countless episodes of Β The Family Guy whilst eating dates stuffed with almonds. So I guess it turned out to be a great day after all!

I spent the next couple of days chilling out by the pool reading books and magazines on my amazing Christmas Kindle, working out in a new gym I found (more on that one later),eating fantastic food, hanging out with friends checking out all the Ladies Night’s offers around SZR, shopping and watching all four seasons of Misfits all over again. It was just the perfect “holiday” at work.

Of course one experience I shouldn’t forget to mention was Wild Wadi Water Park. That was Fun. With a capitol “F”. I come from a family that takes water parks and swimming in general very seriously so I couldn’t have missed out and not go when the opportunity arose. It was definitely an unforgettable day full of water, slides, stripes and fruit smoothies. Quite pricey tho so I don’t think I will be doing it anytime soon again (there is however another water park by the Palm Atlantis which I HAVE to go to so I will keep you posted).

So that was it. My “holiday” that wasn’t really a holiday but it sure felt like it! I have since been to China and am going back there again this weekend but that trip deserves a post on its own so just gimme a little time to put it together πŸ™‚

Lots of love



9 thoughts on “I guess they call this a “working holiday” …

  1. Mmmm it seems that somebody had so much fuuun these days here and left us to watch on repeat the Dubai Life video , waiting for your new post…:) :)) Anyway , I would like to ask you something : after how many months since you put the foot on Dubai land you are allowed to visit your home country. I ll join in May and I am curious about this. Tks

  2. hiya carmen πŸ™‚ well -always good to find out about a keen reader ! as a new joiner ur not allowed to leave the country on ur days off for the first 6 months- however if you get leave assigned during that time ur free to go wherever…

  3. I love the cab driver antic but dear, next time you encounter such cabbies threaten to call the RTA and they will get their sh*t together in a matter of seconds. They do take the RTA call seriously.

    Try Aquaventure in Atlantis, I liked it better than Wild Wadi and thanks for warning me about the “delicious” Iranian tea. πŸ™‚

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