Long Overdue

Oh hi there and top of the morning to y’all!

Is there anybody still out there? And reading? I have been giving this blog the silent treatment for far too long again however this period of irresponsible blogging is now officially over. As of yesterday morning my training to become a cabin crew has come to a very successful end and I’m free to do whatever I want with my free time again.

Last few weeks in the College were all about napkins, coasters and “what can I tempt you with”s. Yes – I’m indeed talking about the Service Training. As we were told about a million times the primal role of cabin crew is to ensure the safety of their passengers however service is what makes the customers come back for more. Having done my research I wasn’t expecting much fun during this particular training but boy was I wrong! Trying to find my way around the pretend- galley, dealing with pretend-disruptive passengers, greeting the pretend-high valued customers. All of it just makes you wanna go and fly right now and right there. I just can’t wait to see how far/ close to reality all the procedures are…

Hot towel anyone?

Hot towel anyone?

I’m finding it very hard to describe the whole training experience in regards to the bonds one creates with people around them. The closest I have ever come was comparing it to a summer camp… Have you ever been to one? Then you may understand that very personal and intimate feeling that grows within the group as the “summer” progresses. The ups and downs everybody goes thru. The obstacles you have to all overcome as a group of friends and colleagues. The countdown to the final day when everyone goes back home and back to their normal lives and yet when it finally comes nobody wants to be the first one to leave and burst the magical bubble you have all been living in. That’s how it feels to complete the training knowing we are about to start flying to all four corners of the world and not seeing each other day and night ever again. Exciting yet sad at the same time…

On a happier note we have made the last days count for sure. The entire group of batches that joined on the 4th January has decided to learn a bit more about the Arabic culture and we booked a “safari tour” to the desert. Despite the name no animals were involved (or harmed) in the trip. I’m so glad we did that as it was a day full of fun, sand, craziness and great food. We got picked up by massive 7 seater 4×4 and Hummers, made a convoy of about 8 cars and first went dune bashing (aka driving over the dunes like crazy!) we stopped couple of times to take thousands of pictures and videos and then went to a “camp” where we munched on some lovely Arabic food and dates whilst smoking shishas and watching belly dancers.

I’m gonna miss your faces 2194 but as they say : “Where there is a will there is a way!”

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