Vodka Genies and other weekend shenanigans

So apparently there is such a thing as free drinks all night at a table in the middle of one many bling bling clubs in Dubai. Provided you are a girl accompanied by a group of other girls of course.

And not only that. With each table (to which you are being ushered by a teeny girl in a black body-con dress and an iPad- still no idea what she needed it for?!) comes a free Genie. A  free Vodka Genie to be precise. Are you confused? Well so was I last Friday night. Having spent yet another fabulous Thursday at the Irish Village celebrating successfully passing Medical Training with the batch (anything goes as an excuse for a drink where my batchmates are involved) we have decided to try something more classy the following day. I’m not usually such a party animal however you know what they say :” When in Rome…”

As blurry as a night in the Irish Village gets ...

As blurry as a night in the Irish Village gets …

The beauty of being new in town is that there is a whole lot of bars and clubs to be discovered and regardless of other people’s recommendation you wanna go through them all. Me ,being the OCD geek I am, took this massive task on in an alphabetical order. Last week Boudoir had the pleasure of my presence and this weekend’s pick was Crystal.

I have to admit – the first impression Crystal made on me will be very hard to top by any bar I should ever visit in the future. It happens very rarely (and by rarely I mean never) that as soon as I enter a club its manager personally sees to me and my friends getting a table and ensuring nobody pays for anything for the rest of the night. And before you raise your eyebrows in a very doubting fashion I can assure you that no “favours in return” were asked for or requested. Evidently a giggling group of  15 odd girls in pretty dresses strategically placed where everyone can see them is all that makes up for one pleased bar manager. And we were more than happy to oblige.

Doooooolly and I

Doooooolly and I

But let me get back to the Vodka Genies. So as I said we got our table with our own “mini bar” as one could call it. It looked pretty much like a huge gravy boat full of ice, juices, red bulls and the biggest bottle of vodka I have seen. Ever. It was pretty heavy to lift so we were quite pleased that a bartender has appeared to help us pour our first drinks. Then he discreetly disappeared and our night has begun. After some time the glasses have been emptied and needed a refill. One of us reached for the bottle and as soon as it was touched the bartender was there as if he materialised out of thin air. I swear to goodness he was nowhere to be seen just a second ago. As soon as everybody’s drink has been tended he left again – without anyone noticing. This process has been repeated a couple times. By then we have each had a few of re-fills done by this mysterious guy and his dis/appearing has become the main topic by our slightly drunken conversation. It has also been noted that other tables are being tended to in a similar fashion. We decided to call those poor lads Vodka Genies and stopped reaching out for the bottle. Instead we started rubbing it. Just like Aladdin did to his magic lamp. It has provided us with that kind of a teenage fun that only a group of “socially tired” girls can understand. I’m convinced “our” Vodka Genie will never recover from that night. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned from his position for good!

That's him!! That's the Vodka Genie and I managed to capture him when he wasn't looking!

That’s him!! That’s the Vodka Genie and I managed to capture him when he wasn’t looking!

Anyway-after a very memorable and enjoyable night I have taken a full advantage of not having to study for any upcoming tests or practicals and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the weekend. Well that’s if shopping and sunbathing counts as nothing. Living in a walking distance of the biggest shopping mall in the world is doing my wallet no favours I have to say…



P.S. Look at this lovely linner (linner is a bit like a brunch, only this one is between lunch and dinner- this new thing I’m trying out at the moment) they serve in my favourite cafe- doesn’t it look just soooo delicious?

Feeling a bit bad about my unhealthy lifestyle of late I gave in to some green cravings

Feeling a bit bad about my unhealthy lifestyle of late I gave in to some green cravings

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