S.E.P – is So ovEr peePs!

Yes – at last the post I couldn’t wait to publish! The first and most intensive part of the process of getting my wings is finally over! I have been proven wrong in thinking that there is a limit to the amount of information one can obtain in 13 days. There is no limit. At least not where aviation is involved. I have learned many things in the last two and a half weeks but the most valuable lesson I got is that staying focused and trying your hardest is the key to overcoming virtually anything.

The 2194

The 2194


These guys are my batch. We have been praised by our trainers for our cheerful team spirit and great co-operation. Apparently none of the previous batches got on so well and performed as¬†consistently as we did. We are a very colourful mix of nationalities and personalties. That seems to be the main intention of the Airline- for us all to get to know other religious and cultural backgrounds whilst working together towards the same goal. You never see more than 2 people from the same country in one batch. We are from all over the place- Oz, Europe, Africa, Middle East… throughout SEP we have been encouraged to mingle as much as we can, sit at a different table with different people every day and gain as much information about each other as we could. I have to say I found it a bit patronising at first but couldn’t be more grateful in the end.

Talking to strangers is something that comes quite naturally to me however I do have a very mean habit of judging way too quickly. Unless prompted to do otherwise I would have probably “picked” my favourites right at the start of the course and not bother to get to know anyone else closer. And that would have been a great loss as I made some truly amazing friends !


Where is Wally?

Where is Wally?




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