HIIT-ting the Gym

Hey everybody!

I know what are you all thinking – that I have been too busy writing posts about going out and having fun in Dubai to actually get on with my 6-pack challenge! Well – do not let yourself being fooled!

I haven’t had the time to work out as much as I would like to but I have not become a couch potato either… just yet 🙂

The great (arguably) thing about my job is that a big part of it consists of looking your best. Meaning you can’t really let yourself go and indulge too much without people noticing and letting you get away with it. It may sound patronising to some but to be honest I’m quite enjoying the fact that I have to keep fit and on the top of what’s going with my body. In any other job you could slowly start getting bigger and bigger and your co-workers wouldn’t do as much as raise their eyebrows when you reach for the third doughnut during your lunch break. Here you get a nice little chat with a nutritionist who tries to help you get back on track. As I said – it may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I get a kick out of the challenge 🙂 !

Anyway – to get back to what I was originally trying to share with you 🙂 My employer gives me plenty of discounts, freebies and 2 for 1s choices in the local gyms. Last week I have finally managed to take advantage of some of them!

First Dolly and I tried out the HIIT Ultimate Circuit in the Hercules Fitness Centre. I’m safe to say I have never sweated as much in my life. It felt like gulping Tabasco in a sauna. For a full one hour. If you like to push yourself beyond your limits and enjoy a fast paced work out you shouldn’t miss out on this one. It’s quite hard to describe since I have never really attended anything like it before but if you trust my judgement then definitely go and try it out yourself! Just make sure you have nothing important or physically demanding to do in the next  couple of days because you WILL hurt all over. No matter if you give it your all (which I would recommend) or just 50% the circuit is designed to work out your whole body, find your weak spot (arms in my case) and kill it.

Next we have gone to a Body Pump class followed by an amazing Ab work out with Gladys . There is no way you will not love her and the class from the first minute! There is nothing quite as motivating as a gorgeous and energetic instructor with a wash board stomach !!

I have also tried to go jogging but I have to say Dubai is not the most jogger-friendly city in the world. Never mind the heat unless you are prepared to run all the way to the beach and back for a decent track you have to circle around the 5-star hotels, offices and apartments, dodge the traffic that never really goes away and avoid all the beeping taxis passing you (seriously guys – we are JOGGING we do not require a taxi!).

I will be back with more updates and try outs soon!




The Three Man’oushes

Are you familiar with the story of The Three Musketeers? Well let me tell you another one – the story of The Three Man’oushes that happened not so long ago in the City of Dubai.

The Three Man’oushes (Man’oush R, Man’oush H and Man’oush G) decided to have some daytime fun and try out a new hang out they have heard so much about – Blue Marlin Ibiza – which is not in Ibiza EUROPE but it may as well be considering how long it takes to get there. The Three Man’oushes had to overcome many barriers and challenges on the way. Language barriers mostly. It took Google maps, Google search, a long phone call with the reception and a helluva patience to even get the taxi rolling. Bless the modern day technology and 3G coverage!

Having crossed all seven seas and spent half of their lives en route they have arrived and knocked on the door of Paradise aka BMI at last. The world that has opened its gate to them was soothing to the tired eye of the travellers and the nectar that was offered to them has washed away all the troubles they have encountered on the road. The long white beach that has unfolded in front of them was full of comfortable beds and loungers and the air carried the sound of angelic music. There were beautiful people all around them- dancing, laughing and generally having a great time.

Hours have passed without them noticing. They have watched the sun lazily making its way towards the horizon, then setting down and kissing them good-bye-for-now. The night has taken over and so has the nectar they have been sipping all this time. The Three Man’oushes found themselves under the spell of this remote place. They only decided to leave once prompted to do so upon the closing of the bar. There has quite understandably been a shortage of carriages to get back the City of Dubai but thanks to the stroke of Luck they have met some Friendly People of Australia and shared their wheels back to the City. All that was on their minds at that point was food and toilettes and the Friendly People of Australia have offered to take them to ” just the right place”. And that’s how The Three Man’oushes ended up in the 360 – one of the poshest bars in Dubai- without even knowing it. Just FYI- 360 does NOT serve food. It does nonetheless have rest rooms which was all that mattered to The Three Man’oushes at the time. One can sit in the best place in the world with one of the best views of all times among a good company – however not when hungry. When hungry one needs food. And that’s why The Three Man’oushes left one of the most exclusive bars after mere 10 minutes to find a taxi and go to Zaroob– yes Zaroob out of all places. And that’s where a great night came to a great end. Zaroob serves the best post-drinking pre-hang over food one could ever wish for. The Three Man’oushes ate houmous, shawarmas, pita breads and- of course- man’oushe– until they couldn’t anymore…

I came to a conclusion that there are three things everybody needs in their lives to make it complete – great friends, great weather and a great man’oushe! 

I man'oushe you <3

I man’oushe you ❤

Vodka Genies and other weekend shenanigans

So apparently there is such a thing as free drinks all night at a table in the middle of one many bling bling clubs in Dubai. Provided you are a girl accompanied by a group of other girls of course.

And not only that. With each table (to which you are being ushered by a teeny girl in a black body-con dress and an iPad- still no idea what she needed it for?!) comes a free Genie. A  free Vodka Genie to be precise. Are you confused? Well so was I last Friday night. Having spent yet another fabulous Thursday at the Irish Village celebrating successfully passing Medical Training with the batch (anything goes as an excuse for a drink where my batchmates are involved) we have decided to try something more classy the following day. I’m not usually such a party animal however you know what they say :” When in Rome…”

As blurry as a night in the Irish Village gets ...

As blurry as a night in the Irish Village gets …

The beauty of being new in town is that there is a whole lot of bars and clubs to be discovered and regardless of other people’s recommendation you wanna go through them all. Me ,being the OCD geek I am, took this massive task on in an alphabetical order. Last week Boudoir had the pleasure of my presence and this weekend’s pick was Crystal.

I have to admit – the first impression Crystal made on me will be very hard to top by any bar I should ever visit in the future. It happens very rarely (and by rarely I mean never) that as soon as I enter a club its manager personally sees to me and my friends getting a table and ensuring nobody pays for anything for the rest of the night. And before you raise your eyebrows in a very doubting fashion I can assure you that no “favours in return” were asked for or requested. Evidently a giggling group of  15 odd girls in pretty dresses strategically placed where everyone can see them is all that makes up for one pleased bar manager. And we were more than happy to oblige.

Doooooolly and I

Doooooolly and I

But let me get back to the Vodka Genies. So as I said we got our table with our own “mini bar” as one could call it. It looked pretty much like a huge gravy boat full of ice, juices, red bulls and the biggest bottle of vodka I have seen. Ever. It was pretty heavy to lift so we were quite pleased that a bartender has appeared to help us pour our first drinks. Then he discreetly disappeared and our night has begun. After some time the glasses have been emptied and needed a refill. One of us reached for the bottle and as soon as it was touched the bartender was there as if he materialised out of thin air. I swear to goodness he was nowhere to be seen just a second ago. As soon as everybody’s drink has been tended he left again – without anyone noticing. This process has been repeated a couple times. By then we have each had a few of re-fills done by this mysterious guy and his dis/appearing has become the main topic by our slightly drunken conversation. It has also been noted that other tables are being tended to in a similar fashion. We decided to call those poor lads Vodka Genies and stopped reaching out for the bottle. Instead we started rubbing it. Just like Aladdin did to his magic lamp. It has provided us with that kind of a teenage fun that only a group of “socially tired” girls can understand. I’m convinced “our” Vodka Genie will never recover from that night. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned from his position for good!

That's him!! That's the Vodka Genie and I managed to capture him when he wasn't looking!

That’s him!! That’s the Vodka Genie and I managed to capture him when he wasn’t looking!

Anyway-after a very memorable and enjoyable night I have taken a full advantage of not having to study for any upcoming tests or practicals and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the weekend. Well that’s if shopping and sunbathing counts as nothing. Living in a walking distance of the biggest shopping mall in the world is doing my wallet no favours I have to say…



P.S. Look at this lovely linner (linner is a bit like a brunch, only this one is between lunch and dinner- this new thing I’m trying out at the moment) they serve in my favourite cafe- doesn’t it look just soooo delicious?

Feeling a bit bad about my unhealthy lifestyle of late I gave in to some green cravings

Feeling a bit bad about my unhealthy lifestyle of late I gave in to some green cravings

Sunday is Monday, Friday is Saturday and Tuesday is a Uniform day !

So guess who picked up their uniforms yesterday?

Oh yeah- the 2194 did!

Good to Know vs Need to Know

Just two days into my Medical Training and I can already tell that this is going to be my favourite part of the entire seven weeks! It may or may not have something to do with the fact that our trainer is one of the coolest guys I have ever met 🙂 He swear and spits and drools and talks about farts and burps and he is just SO much fun! A bit like that auntie/uncle who used to let you drink from their glass of wine at every family gathering back when you were a teenager and your parents denied you any alcohol saying “not under my watch young lady!” Yeah- that’s exactly how cool this guy is !

Right at the start he told us:

“Look guys I’m gonna be honest with you. There are two types of information. Type one – things that are good to know (as in good to know for the future when we might come across a certain medical issue) and then there is the second type – things that you need to know (as in they may appear in our revision). If we get on I may give you a hint from time to time whether the topic we are discussing is “good” or “need” to know.”

I leave it up to you , my dear readers, to decide whether or not we got on with him…

His catchphrase however gave me an idea for a post. I can’t really call myself an expert on living in Dubai just yet, however there are a few things I have noticed. Some of them are “good” and some of them definitely “need” to know:

Need to know

  • Taxi drivers beep their horns to offer their services NOT to compliment your looks. Don’t be so full of yourself ! 🙂
  • When going for your morning swim on a particularly windy day DO secure your tunic, otherwise upon exiting the swimming pool you will find yourself watching it being blown away over the Sheik Zayed Road and wondering if you are about to cause the biggest mass car crash in the history of the UAE…
  • When in a taxi don’t take a picture of the passing Lamborghini or a Ferrari. The passing driver will take it as a compliment and an encouragement to show off the speed too – which in return will be taken as a challenge by your taxi driver. Upon which a race will commence.
  • The man in a supermarket is being paid for packing your groceries. He is not trying to steal them.

Good to know

  • Everything can be delivered to your doorstep. EVERYTHING. Including a single can of Sprite. No questions asked.
  • Unless you are on the guest list- half past midnight is not a good time to try to get into a club …
  • Free champagne is always a good champagne ( Boudoir in Jumeira Beach Hotel serves free champagne up until midnight- ladies only tho)
  • Dubai doesn’t DO queues. If you try to queue you get nowhere. Bitching about it also gets you nowhere.

Has anyone out there got any more “good-to-knows” and “need-to-knows” ? Feel free to comment !



This indeed is exactly what it looks like - a Ferrari edition Smart Car... that is a definitive "need-to-know"

This indeed is exactly what it looks like – a Ferrari edition Smart Car… that is a definitive “need-to-know”

S.E.P – is So ovEr peePs!

Yes – at last the post I couldn’t wait to publish! The first and most intensive part of the process of getting my wings is finally over! I have been proven wrong in thinking that there is a limit to the amount of information one can obtain in 13 days. There is no limit. At least not where aviation is involved. I have learned many things in the last two and a half weeks but the most valuable lesson I got is that staying focused and trying your hardest is the key to overcoming virtually anything.

The 2194

The 2194


These guys are my batch. We have been praised by our trainers for our cheerful team spirit and great co-operation. Apparently none of the previous batches got on so well and performed as consistently as we did. We are a very colourful mix of nationalities and personalties. That seems to be the main intention of the Airline- for us all to get to know other religious and cultural backgrounds whilst working together towards the same goal. You never see more than 2 people from the same country in one batch. We are from all over the place- Oz, Europe, Africa, Middle East… throughout SEP we have been encouraged to mingle as much as we can, sit at a different table with different people every day and gain as much information about each other as we could. I have to say I found it a bit patronising at first but couldn’t be more grateful in the end.

Talking to strangers is something that comes quite naturally to me however I do have a very mean habit of judging way too quickly. Unless prompted to do otherwise I would have probably “picked” my favourites right at the start of the course and not bother to get to know anyone else closer. And that would have been a great loss as I made some truly amazing friends !


Where is Wally?

Where is Wally?




The Rain Has Found Me

The last four weeks had me thinking I may have escaped him for good. I was enjoying that feeling of false security and let myself believe that this was it for me and the rain. But he found me! It took him a while but he did. Exhausted from the long journey (coming all the way from the UK) he is not strong enough to perform the usual thunderstorm however even the sneaky drizzle and greyish skies are enough to ensure me of his omnipresence. There is nowhere to hide from him. He will always follow me everywhere I go…

For the first time in a very long time I don’t mind tho. It is such a novelty to see in Dubai. The density and temperature of it kind of reminds me of my childhood years, long school holidays and warm summer rains. It actually felt beautifully familiar to lean back and let the raindrops kiss my arms and face whilst I was getting my daily caffeine fix. It seems that in Dubai – the city of bigger and better- even such an annoying thing as rain can be cool…

Well hello there, creeping up on me!

Well hello there, creeping up on me!