Step by Step

Today marks my third week in Dubai. It also marks the longest week of my life. I have noticed that as I grow older time seemed to have taken on a different speed – a year used to feel so long when I was a little girl and now it quite literally flies by. However this past week I was back to being 5 years old and every day seemed to have had 50 odd hours. Or at least I wished for it to be so as I could have really done with some extra time to study, finish my homework or even god forbid- sleep! It was indeed a very challenging week full of exams, practicals and assessments and very little of anything else. When I woke up last Sunday (which really means a Monday in here) I found myself overwhelmed, anxious and stressed just thinking about all that was ahead of me. I don’t really enjoy being either of those three- who does,right? – so I had to come up with a way to stop it.

I took a deep breath and decided to take it step by step and day by day. I turned into a little mayfly. I only lived for one day and its cause. On Sunday I lived for Fire on Board. On Monday for Ditching (landing on water) and Crash Landing. Tuesday for General Safety. Wednesday for Emergency Equipment. Thursday I lived to Survive- quite literally. And here I am- on Friday living for bikini shopping. And some studying too since I have a massive Boeing exam coming up on Sunday but again- no need to worry about that today!

unanticipated emergencies

unanticipated emergencies

Today I’m gonna enjoy the luxury of being able to post from the comfort of my own bed (oh yeah I forgot to mention how amazing I am for getting our apartment broadband, right?!) then get up and make my lazy way to the Dubai Mall to which I finally found a pathway to- so no need to go thru all the drama of trying to get on the first Friday metro service (seriously that deserves a post on its own so watch this space for more on that). Once I get there I’m gonna treat myself to a pair or two of…

10 hours later:

Right so when I got to the word “of” my door bell rang and Dolly (my batchmate Holly, who is such a doll hence the nickname) was there to pick me up for our shopping trip. We set off armed with ice coffees and enjoyed a sunny and dusty walk to the Mall. The original plan was to go and get some cheap bikinis from H&M… however does your shopping ever go according to plan? Anyway to cut a long story short we ended up in Ted Baker each with two pairs of swimwear and massive grins on our faces!! We pretty much sprinted back home to enjoyed as much sun as we could at our rooftop pool!






Managed to get a couple of hours of pure chillax by the pool and then returned into my air-conditioned cave full of post-its and manuals. After a coupled of pages I remembered this abandoned post and here I am now ! Step by step, day by day I’m getting closer to finishing SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures)and starting to fly !

Our little study group consisting of Ryan, Dolly and I wanted to get our teas delivered but we couldn’t decide whether it should be Thai, Lebanese, Indian or Italian so in the end we ventured outside and let our senses lead the way. They led us to Zaroob  which I absolutely LOVED ! I loved everything about it – the interior, the personnel, the FOOD, the drinks and mostly the chilled out atmosphere !

This post has taken me a whole day to finish – therefore I am not going to attempt anything longer 🙂





2 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. I’m absolutely loving your honesty throughout your blogs. They are preparing me greatly for what to expect when I arrive. Thanks.

    P.S keep up the hardwork, positivity and determination xx

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