What Gabri Did (Next)

I don’t like to mix work and pleasure (although I kinda already do considering my job) so this post is purely on my rambles in Dubai. Again – due to being otherwise engaged so far I haven’t had the opportunity to see as much of Dubai as I’d have liked. But I did manage to see a wee bit. Here are some pictures , they are pretty much self-explanatory so just in bullet points:

  • The Mosque 

Beautiful, we got to learn a bit about the Islam religion, which was very interesting – it explained a lot and helped me understand some of the basic competencies I’m expected to have as a cabin crew of a middle eastern airline.

The Mosque

The Mosque

  • The Beach

Was breathtaking. As someone who grew up in a land lock county I will never get rid off that feeling of a complete amazement everytime I see the clear ocean/sea waters and wonderful long beaches. This one had a long dual lane running track with a special soft surface to protect your knees from getting damaged- ingenious ! Can’t wait to go back after the training try it outing get back in shape !

That's me on the left

That’s me on the left

  • The Dubai Mall 

Very dangerous for a gadget shopping addict with no idea of how much a “dirham” is in pounds.

Here is my shopping list : IPhone 4s, IPhone 5, IPad, mini IPad, those amazing Beats speakers, that thing to remotely controls my IPhone that looks like a necklace, Porsche Blackberry, new MacBook Pro, waterproof camera, LCD TV, Wii, humidifier, that things I saw in the first shop and had no idea what it was and was too shy to ask but it looked really cool nonetheless…

Here is what I got: new IPhone 4s (yeah well girl’s got to do what she’s got to do!)

Here is what I should have gotten:

Po(r)sch(e) Blackberry

Po(r)sch(e) Blackberry

  • Secret location cafe

I won’t tell you where it is or what it’s called unless you tell me your great secret location hang out in exchange but this one is just literally unreal! Friendly personnel (which never ceases to surprise me here in Dubai- everybody is so super friendly and smiley- must be the weather!), cosy interior, tasty shishas, AH-mazing coffee!

  • Wafi’s free open air cinema

We went to see a really stupid flick chick which I wouldn’t have normally suffered but this place was so super cool, chilled and comfy I found it hard to leave. You don’ have to pay any entrance fee but you are expected to purchase a drink or food (which will be delivered to your beanbag- yes I said bean bag) plus the surroundings are ah-so picturesque !

On a beanbag

On a beanbag

  • Long’s Bar

Last night was the time to let the books closed for a bit and have a lot of fun with the batch. Which is exactly what we did 🙂 I’m not on drugs btw thats just the red-eye fix:)

  • Friday brunch at the Millennium Hotel

Ooohhh… what an experience. Let the pictures do the talking :

3 thoughts on “What Gabri Did (Next)

  1. I think I know where the secret location of your cafe is. Did you feel a little “Victorian” when you dined there? If yes, then that’s my favorite breakfast nook in Dubai too. 🙂

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