4 days to go (this post is on offer 2 for 1)

Sunday 30th December 2012

What do you call a morning that’s better than the best one? Is it “bettestest”? Yeah – that sound about right! So this morning was the bettestest of this week. Without doubt! I woke up to some amazing news – I was placed by the Airline to the exact building I wished for : The 21st Century building (I really ought to use the law of attraction on everything from now on!).

I was over the moon running up and down the stairs trying find somebody to share the big news with. But everybody was asleep! When I finally stumbled upon Huggie’s 11-year -old sister having her breakfast and told her she didn’t look too impressed. Probably because it went down a bit like this:

Me (red faced and sweaty from running):”OMGIjustgotmyaccommodationandimgointolive-         rightontheSheikZayedroadrightinthecitycentreinthisamazingbuilding!!!”

Little sister (chewing her pancake totally unstirred) : “Sheik what?”

I gathered I wasn’t being very coherent and Googled some pictures instead. That seemed to have done more than any words could have.

Little sister (putting the half eaten pancake aside): “Is that where you are going to live in Dubai?”

Me (nodding vigorously): … !!

Little sister (looking quite impressed): “That’s pretty cool!… Is this the best job you’ve ever had?”

I didn’t have to think very hard to answer that. Any job that puts me up in here must be the best job I ever had :


I’m sharing this beauty with Tam and Claire from the January Joiners group on FB and countless other lucky people x

Today also marks another week of the six-pack challenge. More on that here.



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