6-pack (team) is growing !!!

Do you remember how in the first ever post about the 6-pack challenge I have mentioned that my dad is probably the most competitive person in the universe? Well – I have been proven right.

Having seen my weekly updates he felt challenged enough to join in. Yes- as of this week my father is officially taking part in the 6-week-6-pack-challenge. I even have the pictures to show for it.(Now- it looks to me like they could have very well been taken on the same day but he has sworn 24 hours have passed between those two shots. And who am I to doubt his word?)

So here we go- please welcome the 3rd member of the 6-pack team:

Meet my dad ...

Meet my dad …

... and his six pack

… and his six pack

If there is anybody else out there who feels like joining- oh please do so! You know how the saying goes: the more the merrier! Just let me know by commenting! Let’s make this 6-pack dare A THING!

Lots of love and wishing y’all very Merry Xmas


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