She’s Got a Ticket to Fly

So Gabs was a bit naughty today. She has decided to skip the waiting part and see for herself whether or not there is a ticket to Dubai with her name of it. And guess what?! THERE IS ONE!!! I FOUND MY TICKET!!!

I suppose one of the many perks of my current job is that I get to see what people are booked on what flights. I was just checking a flight my friend (a girl I met on my initial AD and who also got the job!) is taking tomorrow when it occurred to me I should do the same for myself. It was so exciting to see my name in the booking system! It would have been even more so if it said “business” instead of “economy” but I suppose it will have to do this time 🙂 Hahaha just kidding of course !

Bon Voyage Magdi- I’m a bit gutted I can’t join you tomorrow and start the training in the same batch but I can’t wait to take on all the Dubai shenanigans with such an amazing friend as yourself!



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