My 18-year-old brother (damn why do I keep thinking he is a 12 years old brat?) has discovered bodybuilding not so long ago. It had near to no impact on my life up until recently when he started posting pictures of his hard work on Facebook.

“That little s**t” I thought ” I can’t possibly let him have a six pack before I do!”

So I did what our family does best. I challenged him to it !

I have been trying for a six pack for over a year now but for various reasons ( mainly purely my own laziness and sugar addiction) I have failed. So far. What I lacked was motivation. To simply “have a six pack” doesn’t quite cut it for me. To ” have a better one” or “get one faster” than somebody might just do the trick !

What we agreed to do is to post a weekly update on our rock-hard abs (ha ha ha in my case) for the next month and a half and see where it gets us. And who is gonna end up looking tighter (ha ha ha again).

Here are couple of points I am too exhausted to put into sentences because it’s so late at night but think will make a difference in this challenge :

  • my brother is 9 years younger = 9 years shorter exposure to beer (aka ultimate six pack enemy:)
  • I have watched Pumping Iron like 3 times
  • my brother already has a mini six pack (minor detail)
  • I am the true daughter of my father who is the most competitive person you have ever met
  • I have to be at work this Christmas far far away from home whereas my brother will have to eat for hours on end not only at our family’s table but at our grandma’s and other  grandma and so on and on and on and on…

And here are the  pictures :

My no pack

My no pack

His six pack

His six pack

Wish me luck 🙂



Btw. Just to clarify -this one is not the same brother that I talk about here. This is a different one . I have many brothers. I also have a sister. But rather than going on about it in this post I decided to write another one purely on that topic later on.

UPDATE : Week 1

Negatives – still no six pack

Positive – lost 2 kilos which wasn’t even intended but it’s a nice plus

My still no six pack

My still no six pack

My brother really needs to get a girlfriend!!

My brother really needs to get a girlfriend!!

UPDATE : Week 3

After a week of being ill I made the effort to work out twice as hard… I think it paid off. On the other hand my brother is beating me fair and square. There must be a scientific explanation to why an 18-year-old is so much more effective at working out than me 🙂

If this is not a starting six pack then I don't know what is...

If this is not a starting six pack then I don’t know what is…

Ehm ehm ehm ...

Ehm ehm ehm …

UPDATE : Week 4

I’m still nowhere near Luda’s hard abs however I’m the closest to a six pack I have ever been and quite proud of myself! I’m starting to really enjoy this challenge and doing crunches has never been more fun! I’d encourage anyone who wants to get a six-pack or a just a flatter tummy to take pictures. It can be quite painful to look at to start with nonetheless nothing makes you happier than seeing the difference and progress every week !


The flattest it has ever been !!!



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