Final Approval and Finally Home

So my big fat final approval came thru this morning. I wish I could feel a bit more excited about it but I’m currently experiencing the best train journey of my entire life and I want to savour this moment before I let anything else enter my conscious mind. Yes I said train journey.

And before you judge me – actually judge me all you want this is still frigging unbelievable – let me explain. I’m a serial traveller. For goodness’ sake travelling is gonna be part of my everyday reality in a couple of weeks’ time (sudden realisation)!I have tried pretty much every possible way of transport. From a miniature tuck tuck in Bangkok and some pretty stinky coaches in Italy all the way to business class on the A380 (I got really awfully lucky and got upgraded on duty travel from Dubai 2 years ago). And back then I thought – nothing can possibly ever top that ! Well- never say (n)ever because this little Czech train is giving the A380 run for its money. And yes I am being a little dramatic here. Bite me. I only slept for like two hours last night.

Leather seats with sooooo much leg room

But when was the last time you sat on a train with free wifi, massive leather seats, power plugs and free refreshment throughout the whole 2.5 hour trip? And I am not talking luke warm instant coffee. I am talking fresh mint tea with MINT LEAVES and croissants! Oh and did I mention the whole thing has costed me less than 10 quid? So this is what happened to the Czech Republic while I was gone. It got absolutely awesome. It’s good to be back Czech !


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