Gabs has been a bad bad blogger

Hello everyone,

I have been so busy fussing over trains, puppies and siblings I hardly had time to blog. Since there aren’t any new posts to read on my blog (yet) why don’t you check out these guys to kill some time whilst I’m putting together something worth posting:

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Enjoy !



Here are some reasons why basketball is way cooler than football :

1) the players are tall very tall and well built

2) they don’t cry like babies every time they get tackled

3) the playtime is 4x 10 mins (perfect for someone with short attention span like myself)

4) my dad does not understand the rules better than me

5) it got me to get up at 6am on Saturday morning to cheer on my (not so) little brother and his team.

I will let you have your guess on which one is my brother but here is a little clue : He is the most handsome one in the picture:)



Christmas came early this year

Since I am not gonna be around for Christmas this year (as usual) and I am not going to make it for my annual January visit either(very unusual) my family has decided to have a impromptu celebration last Friday night.

It all happened very quickly so there was little time to put together a proper Christmas dinner but we improvised with loads of ice cream instead. The desired effect was all the same anyway. Everyone’s stomaches were full and happy. My loved ones even opened their prezzies so I got to see their happy faces!

I must say there is something about pre-Christmas Christmas.

Happy stress-free holidays everyone!



Puppy love

There is somethings you should know about me. I love dogs. I LOVE DOGS. And for some time now I have been in a desperate need of some puppy love.

It got fixed today :

Final Approval and Finally Home

So my big fat final approval came thru this morning. I wish I could feel a bit more excited about it but I’m currently experiencing the best train journey of my entire life and I want to savour this moment before I let anything else enter my conscious mind. Yes I said train journey.

And before you judge me – actually judge me all you want this is still frigging unbelievable – let me explain. I’m a serial traveller. For goodness’ sake travelling is gonna be part of my everyday reality in a couple of weeks’ time (sudden realisation)!I have tried pretty much every possible way of transport. From a miniature tuck tuck in Bangkok and some pretty stinky coaches in Italy all the way to business class on the A380 (I got really awfully lucky and got upgraded on duty travel from Dubai 2 years ago). And back then I thought – nothing can possibly ever top that ! Well- never say (n)ever because this little Czech train is giving the A380 run for its money. And yes I am being a little dramatic here. Bite me. I only slept for like two hours last night.

Leather seats with sooooo much leg room

But when was the last time you sat on a train with free wifi, massive leather seats, power plugs and free refreshment throughout the whole 2.5 hour trip? And I am not talking luke warm instant coffee. I am talking fresh mint tea with MINT LEAVES and croissants! Oh and did I mention the whole thing has costed me less than 10 quid? So this is what happened to the Czech Republic while I was gone. It got absolutely awesome. It’s good to be back Czech !

Having a problem

Doing the job I do I get to talk to people. A lot of people.All the time. And the one thing I have learnt about people is that they like to overdramatise. Especially whilst on the phone. Regardless of their race, sex or age that’s just what they do. Whenever they call it’s because “they have a problem”. 

It’s not a query or a request they are calling for. It’s always a problem. If I was a bar tender my conversation with every customer would go like this:

“Hi there! What can I get you?”

“I have got a problem. I need a drink. Can you help me with that?”

See what I mean?

Needing a drink is not a problem. Neither is anything my customers ever call for. It’s a mere necessity of everyone’s life. If people realised that there would little stress left in the world

That’s why I decided to put a stop to this “problem” madness once and for all. If you ever find yourself calling customer services/ ordering a drink in a pub it’s not because you have got a problem. It’s because there is something you want somebody else to do for you. Or because you are thirsty.

Now I am not saying real problems don’t exist. Of course they do. Like disappearing socks for example. That IS a problem. One I have been facing since I can remember. I am sure you know what I am talking about. You buy them, you wear them, wash them, put them away and then they disappear. Just like that. Without a reason or an explanation. Is it me? Is it something I said? Is there something about my feet that offended them?  I just don’t know.

All I know is that socks never stick with me. They use me and then leave. I go looking for them but it’s too late. They are gone forever. Nowhere to be found. It takes me a while to get over it but I pull myself together and go thru the whole hurtful process again. Put on a brave face and get out there. Find the perfect pair or at least they seem so at first. Let myself enjoy the warm feeling while it lasts. And then one day wake up in the middle of the night shivering whilst my special someone pulls aways hissing at me ” your feet are frozen”. I know it’s my fault. It’s because I always go for the wrong type … of socks. The unfaithful type.

My special someone just asked :

“What are you writing about this time?”

“About my disappearing socks” I say.

“I have got the same problem” he replies(because this is, as we discussed already, A PROBLEM).

It’s because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know I have been watching. Watching his faithful socks. And then secretly stealing them. Because his are the only socks that ever stayed with me. Even after a gruelling gym session. Even after a full day of shopping in my favourite boots. They endured it all and never left. The right kind of socks. Socks that reach up to my knees because I am apparently dating a Bigfoot.

My special someone doesn’t know he doesn’t have a problem with disappearing socks. He has a problem with his thieving girlfriend. So if you are reading this Huggie your socks haven’t abandoned you. They have merely relocated to my drawer. Which is where I put them after I have used them and washed them. And I am doing this for you- to spare you the agony of my cold feet.


So my dear readers next time you are about to say those magically stressful words ” I have got a problem” think twice – are socks involved? No? Then it’s not really a problem.

It’s just something you want somebody else to do for you.

Feeling less stressed already? You are welcome!






Something old and something new

Isn’t it great when you finally get a newly issued passport and you look good on the picture? Especially after 10 years of suffering with a horrendous one. I mean – a real minger! So bad that every time you travel the immigration officer stares at you then back at the photo, then one more look at you and then either bursts out laughing or says ” is THAT you”?

This time that serious looking person in the passport actually resembles me. Which is a great relief since I’m gonna have to flash it quite often now when I am about to start globetrotting.

I’m running my fingers thru the fresh untouched pages imagining how many different stamps and stickers are going to be there in a years time. Can’t wait to get started !

So here is one to travelling and to good looking black&white photos!




In one of my previous posts I have mentioned my going to the gym. I like gyms. Especially the one I go to. It is a little business that is not trying too hard to be something it’s not. Friendly faces at the front desk, decent equipment, lovely pool and a nice bunch of nice people. Pretty much all you can ask for.

 Have you ever noticed that the type of people you see there changes depending on the time of the day?

I for example am an evening type. I didn’t used to be. When I first started working out I liked to get it over with in the early morning so I could have my guilt free pain au chocolat for breakfast.But it never felt right. The crowd was just too hyper for my liking. The “Mornings” as I call them. Crazy people who get up 2 hours earlier than they actually have to just to fit in a swim before they sit down behind their CEO desks and close those million-pound-deals. Then you get the “After-Schools-Runs” – tasty mammas who dropped off their darlings at schools and want to work out the flat washboard stomachs before the hairdresser’s appointments. That’s usually the time, when the girl’s changing room turns into a catwalk full of Luis Vuitton maxi bags (yes that’s what you put your gym kit into if your husband’s made it) and Chanel body lotions.


Between 10-4 it’s the “Shifters and Seniors” time. People, who work at random times or don’t work at all /anymore. On my days off I am one of them. I enjoy the chilled out atmosphere and the daytime TV playing on the flat screens. Nothing makes me more eager to sweat on a treadmill than watching “Cash it the attic”. I also get a kick out of secretly glancing at the oldies lifting free weights! I just can’t get over the fact that that’s someone’s grandma over there with the kettle bells! Good for them tho I wish to be this chipper at their age!



I never go around 5ish. That’s when “I don’t like gyms but I want to be seen making an effort” come in. The “5min run, 15min stepper, 5min stretch maybe some abs, shower and home” types. It’s discouraging. I tried this slot couple of times but definitely wrote it off after being sandwiched between two middle aged women in the sauna having to listen to the minute by minute description of their last trip to Tesco’s. I get it. You go shopping. So do I.

 On days I have to work I’m in the “After Eights” group. That’s when everyone else is parked in front of telly or eating their teas or in a bar or what do I know what other people do. The swimming pool water resembles oil because the last swimmer is long gone. Changing rooms are so nice and quiet the soothing lounge music can finally be heard. Handful of After Eights scattered around minding their own business.  Ohhhhhhh… my favourite moment of a busy day.


Sometimes however I have to make an exception and opt for a morning session. Like today. I dragged myself of out of bed and seriously considered crawling back in. Then I looked at Victoria’s Secret’s catwalk pictures from last week I stuck to the walls to motivate myself and bitterly made my way to the gym. I can’t function in the morning. Not to an extend that a proper work out requires. That’s why I, on the very rare morning occasions, go to a class instead. Somebody has already done all the work for you and you just need to get there on time and follow the steps. I thought getting there 5 mins before the start would be enough. I was wrong. The place was already full of After-School-Runs(ASR) in their skillfully matched gym outfits (I gather grey and purple are in this season?) setting up their “spots”. Yes spots. See – I foolishly thought that a Body 4U class was going be some kind of easy morning aerobics nothing too hardcore. Nope. Upon arrival I was immediately evaluated by one of the perfectly awake ASRs, who was probably also a self-professed class coordinator, as a new starter and instructed to “take my place and set it up sweetheart”. By which she meant to get a matt, three (!) sets of weights and a bar. I was in for a treat.

 Firstly I don’t understand the shape these women are in. I mean – I swim 4 times a week, do the much hated ab exercises and cycle practically everywhere and yet I was the only one to break a sweat in that class! Does driving a white Land Rover with a personalized name plate and a flawless manicure give you some kind of a special energy boost or something? Secondly what happened to aerobics since I last checked? This was nothing like what I remember it to be. Synchronized weight lifting to music. That’s how I would describe today’s experience. And it was actually really good! I had fun anyway. Not that having fun is valued amongst ASRs. Facial expressions probably give you wrinkles otherwise I can’t explain why NOBODY but me smiled back at the class instructor when she let us go.

 To wrap it up – as much fun as Body 4U was I don’t think will be coming back. Not unless it moves to after 8pm. Because I know my right place and my right time. And it’s definitely not with the ASR. I’m just too… hmmm… young for that.


Keep fit!



Do-buy Du-bai

So with the interview process done and the medicals well underway there seems to be very little to fuss about. The next couple of weeks promise an easy ride after the emotional rollercoaster of the past few months. And the easy rides are not the ones I adjust to very well. Some people are born problem solvers – I am a born problem seeker. If there is seemingly nothing to obsess about I go out of my way to find. Like now for example.

 My latest issue is about clothes. Living in a country that doesn’t DO summers (as in hot and sunny summers) I have gradually got rid of all skirts, dresses and flip flops. They have been replaced by cardigans, jeans and wellies. I have a very limited section in my wardrobe dedicated to “holiday wear” consisting mainly of aged bikinis, a worn out pair of denim shorts and a couple of vests. I just never felt the need to overhaul and update. I wish I have done. Because at the moment it’s looking a lot like this :



My complete lack of anything half decent to wear in temperatures over 20 C has become apparent last week when I started sorting out my clothes.

 I decided on following scheme :

Charity (stuff I had my fun with and now can let grannies to have their go)

Loft (stuff that I never wore but was too expensive to let go of just yet)

Trash (obviously my favourite pieces because they are wrecked)

Dubai (well – simply anything that’s not gonna make me melt in the heat of the sandpit) 


It’s been pretty drastic process and I think if I was enlisted in a Stock Market my investors would go nuts over the downsizing and some of them would be able to retire immediately. “Charity” and “Trash” have done pretty well for themselves. “Loft” pile would have done much better if the actual loft was mine and I wasn’t limited by my loving special someone and his cautious “box or two max”.

After I was done it was clear that “Dubai” was the loser here. A pathetic pile of already mentioned shorts and my ancient Havies. Normally that would be the best excuse to go shopping and stock up. Not so much in November. Not in Europe anyway.

 With Halloween gone the high street retailers could finally let go of any reservations they might have had before and unleashed the Christmas monster. The six headed beast spitting “Last Christmas” at everyone who dares to enter the shops. Mulled wine and mince pies on offer. Local pubs taking Crimbo bookings. Reduced skiing jackets and ear muffs. Try to find one single summer dress and a pair of sandals in this mayhem and you are my hero. Even my favourite online shops have let me down.


I was starting a severe panic attack when I realized – it’s Dubai I am going to. Do-buy. And so I will my dears. I have officially stopped spending money Christmas shopping before I even properly begun. As of now – all my monies are being saved for my new summer wardrobe – to be bought in Dubai:)

See you soon Dubai Do-buy Mall




Minding my P’s and Q’s

Since starting this blog I have received some really nice comments and words of encouragement from my friends and other people who stumbled across my rambles.

I would just like to ThanQ all and Please do continue following my posts. Nothing feels better than knowing there is someone on the other side of this keyboard !

It feels this good :


Love and peace