First Ramble – On The Waiting Game

“Patience is not passive waiting. Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.”
― Ray Davis

Now I have never been what one would describe as a patient person. Unlike Mr. Davies I never found any form of waiting very active. I would always feel that waiting is an utter waste of everyone’s time – something that only lazy people use as an excuse not to get on with their lives. I suppose in my  dictionary “waiting for something” meant “avoiding to direct route”.

” See – I hate my job but I’m just waiting  for the right time to leave”

” I like working out/going to the gym but I’m waiting for this cold/strain/deadline to be over”

” I should tidy up really but I’m waiting for the mountain of dirty dishes to fall over first”

And so on.

Life has treated me well. Looking back I never really had to wait for anything. Up until now things have been happening rather quickly. And then The Airline came into my life.

Waiting to hear back after a job interview is bad enough. Now multiply it by 6 weeks (or in my case 8 weeks). Yes 6-8 weeks of freaking out over little things such as”Should I have gone for the shorter pencil skirt or was it a mistake?” “Should I have used the word “difficult” whilst describing an annoying customer or would “challenging” have been better?” “Did I smiled enough?”.  Plus obviously this is the kind of secret you won’t manage to keep forever and eventually you just HAVE to tell someone. That you applied for a Cabin Crew position and it’s all very exciting you know with moving to Dubai, seeing to world, free apartment, tax free salary and all that. Which helps for about 2 minutes. Then the questioning starts. “So when are you gonna hear back?” “Six what?!” “What can possible take so long?” “Surely you got it?” “Have you heard back yet” “Any news?” “So?” etc.

The more people you tell the more variations of the same question you get. Needless to say I told pretty much everyone. My life in the past weeks has become a constant dodging of The Question.

“SO?! Any NEWS?” (with a raised eyebrow and a meaningful look, because I told everyone not to mention it to anyone else)

“Uhmmm yeah- apparently Gary Barlow is not going to return to the X-Factor next year.”

Of course I decided never to tell anyone anything else about my life. Hence- ehm – the blog…

So there you have it. The perfect formula for Going Crazy Over Waiting. That is for an impatient and obsessive person like myself of course. Apparently there are others- people from a universe completely unknown to me called Patience- individuals who remain stoically calm and use to opportunity to reflect upon themselves.

For the first time of my life I was facing having to wait and not being able o do anything about it. Something I did not know how to do. And what’s the one thing you do when you don’t know how to do something? Yes- you Google it !!

So I Googled . I Googled about waiting, killing time, learning to be patient, Googled everything there was to be Googled about Dubai and Cabin Crew life style up to date. And then I Googled some more.

And that’s when I came across the quote that starts this blog. And suddenly it made sense to me.  Like everything else in life – even waiting is what you make it.

I made this :

This my dear readers is a Vision Board. It’s me in Dubai earning loads of money, travelling the world as a flight attendant and -yeah- having a perfect bikini body …

And funnily enough- in what seemed to be no time at all my Vision Board has become a Near Future Board. Because even the most boring game ever invented -the waiting game- has to end eventually. In my case two days ago at 7.00 am receiving a +971 phone call.

“We would like to offer you the position…”

“Awesome – I take it. When can I start”

“Well- we will have to get back to you on that one. See- our joining team needs to speak to your line manager first to see blah blah blah. YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT TO HEAR BACK FROM US.”

So here I am playing again. Sorry I meant to say waiting. Googling and making some more vision boards on what happens in Dubai and beyond. Also going to the gym. ‘Coz that bikini body is probably not gonna happen on its own.

So long peeps


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